Doing something different makes all the difference

something different
something different

The secret of success lies within you. Doing something different makes all the difference. You don’t need to prove it. You need to find out the work that could make the difference.

I know it’s no straightforward task to do. You need to spend numerous time and energy. No one is born with high intelligence and skills. Their practices make all the difference.

Are you making this mistake in finding something different?

Nature never discriminates with people. However, people self choose the wrong path. Nature has given every possible resource to us but most of us are not utilizing it properly.

Hard work and time wastage both will pay off. However, the first one will make your life and the other will ruin it. The choice is yours.

Everything seems to be tough until it’s done. You have to take the first step in order to succeed. It’s very much difficult for the newbie. Mostly, when you decide to work hard upon your dreams, your brain tries to create resistance and eventually you procrastinate.

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Procrastination is the biggest enemy of yours. Most people are still in the trap of procrastination. Why did people forget that everything that happens to them is the result of their past work?

“Iron’s own rust ruins it.”

The same way you are your own enemy. External forces didn’t have that much impact on your life.


See, people will feel jealous because they are not of your level. Let them burn in jealousy. However, you should stay focused on your work.  Remember that no one is going to take responsibility. No one is responsible for what happens to you.

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The world has emerged thus; you don’t need to go out in search of something different. You can use the internet either. Moreover, you have a brain that will help you.

In order to find something different, you’ll need to follow the process of trial and error.

Noting new can be made without going through this process. This process involves working on existing principles. Afterward, you should start making changes and testing if it working or not.

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“If people are not criticizing you then you are not doing something new.”

There are two rules to work on something different:

  1. Lock yourself in the room and work on something different
  2. Don’t tell everything you knew

Lock yourself in room and work on something different

It will increase your focus on work because there will be no one to criticize you. Highly successful use of this technique. They don’t let people know about their next move or step.

There are advantages of locking you in the room.

  1. You’ll be away from negative people
  2. You’ll be away from distractions.

Don’t tell everything you knew

Most people ignore this point. However, it is the most important point that always creates the difference.

“Tell people only as much as they need to know.”

Never tell your next move by mistake because it will be your first and last mistake. People never leave a single chance of criticizing others.


You are born not to be an average but to be a legend. Remember this. “Everything is in your hands,” I have told it many times. Therefore, you shouldn’t waste your time and energy on entertainment.

Entertainment will take you nowhere but hard work will. Come on my friends get up and involve yourself in something different.

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