Do you follow social media or family culture?

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Social media has attracted more and more people in the past a few years especially youth.

And most of people admire everything shared on social media. They never give a single thought about whether it is wrong or right.

They just blindly follow it.

No one is showing them the right direction

Parents often give smart phone to their children but they do not watch their activities, which is not a good thing.

Spending more time with smart phone children often get distracted from their path and get attracted towards social media.

They have no idea of good or bad content because no one has ever told them the difference.

Most children love entertaining content rather than educational content.

Nobody, even their parents do not show them the right direction and watch their activities.

When that boy or girl grew up with such mentality, it becomes their habit and they end up ruining their careers.

Entertainment is a good thing only up to a certain limit. It shouldn’t take control of your life.

They make money and you lose time

The social media entertainment creator earns money through sponsorship, promotions, and advertisement.

And you’re a money printing machine for them.

You spend your precious time increasing others bank balance for the sake of cheap entertainment.

At the same time, most people create educational content that can improve your life, earning and decision making capacity.

You should consider watching such content. Educational content creators also earn money but at least they give valuable knowledge in return.

Don’t forget your family culture

A person is widely known for his good deeds whether you believe it or not.

Your family culture is the biggest trend.

It might be trending for more than one century (may be). So, you should follow your family culture instead of social media trends.

The generation gap has increased significantly just because of social media.

It has now become common that parents in a family have different viewpoint than that of their children.

I’m not talking about career’s point of view but life’s point of view.

You might be right in terms of your career but probably not about life. Your parents know better about life than you and believe me their opinions are 99% correct.

You shouldn’t always raise question on their opinion, whatever they say is just for your goodness.

They protect you, they give you confidence, and they teach you to fight with odd situations.

That cheap entertainment isn’t going to save your life in bad situations but your parents.

Negative opinion

Never form any negative opinion about your parents just for the sake of social media.

Those social media content aren’t going to support you in your bad times and they’ re not going to pay your bills either.

The truth is that your parents are always right; it’s just you who either don’t understand them or fail to make them understand.

Social media is a good tool

Social media is a good tool if you use it to your advantage.

Instead of consuming content, why don’t you create content?

But a caution is that if you’re going to deliver educational content then be prepared for not getting any attention because people mostly consume entertaining content.

But the hidden truth is that people give more respect to educational content creator because they help people to transform their lives, become wise and creative.

Final message

In the age of social media, you shouldn’t follow every trend blindly. Your family culture is trending for more than a century (just ask your parents).

Social media is a good tool if you use it to your advantage.

Don’t be a consumer of digital content, be the producer of it.

Being a producer can enhance your creative skill, critical thinking skill, marketing skill etc.

Have a deep respect for your family culture and never consider them old fashioned.


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