Work in advance

Hard work is most important. However, collaboration of hard work and smart work can give success in less time period. This Smart work story is going to change your life.

People working together

Smart work story begins: 

It was a busy town. No one has the time for anything rather than work. However, on the other hand that town was very beautiful. If you’ll ever went to that town you’ll never want to come back.

There is a beautiful lake surrounding the town from three sides. Millions of tourist visit every year. There was a man living in that town. He was very intelligent and hard working.

He was one of the busiest people in the town. However, he visits to the tourist spot every weekend. Nevertheless, he never missed his work. His name was John

One day, John was working in his office. Suddenly, his manager come to him and reminds him of the task he has to complete. However, he was feeling unwell.

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He applied for the leave for few days. His health was getting worse day by day. The manager came to know about it. He was very sorry for John. On the other hand, he was very frustrated.

He had given some task to John, which wasn’t completed yet. He has to submit the project to their boss.

After few days, John rejoins the office. He was perfect. However, the manager got angry on him. He said, “You haven’t yet completed the project. I have to submit it to our boss.”

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John said, “Don’t worry, sir I have already completed that project.” Manager was shocked he didn’t understand what to do.

He said in low voice, “But, you were unwell. How you completed the task?”

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John said, “Sir, I never waste single seconds in irrelevant things. I complete my work in advance. I know that there’s no perfect time for anything. Waiting for the right time is the wastage of time.”

[He continued…]

“Sir, I just visit the waterfall every weekend. That’s my only source of entertainment. I know that problems are undesirable. That’s why I complete those tasks first which are most important.”

“Sir, here’s the file.”

The manager took the file and said, “You’re amazing. I’ll talk for your promotion. You’ll be the employee of the year.”

There was shine in John’s eyes. He was very happy.

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