7 signs that you are wasting your future and career?

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“Creation is silent, destruction has noise.” Your time is limited that needs to be put for some productive work.

Most people didn’t understand this concept in their lifetime.

The situation is going worse day by day that’s why I felt the need to write this article so that you can stopping wasting your time and use it intelligently.

 Here in this post, I have shared some of the best points based on my own research that will tell if you are wasting your future and career or not.

What you have to do after reading this post? Just leave or reduce the activities that matched to your daily routine. So, let’s begin:       

Taking stress for no reason is indicating that you’re wasting your future and career

man standing in stress
Don’t take for any reason

Negative people are everywhere but it doesn’t mean that you push yourself into it. Taking stress for no reason is a bad choice that needs to be ignored. Your mind should be free from any kind of thoughts that are similar to garbage.

If you can control your thoughts then you can control anything. However, it’s important that you practice for it.

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Your good thoughts can lead to massive success and vice-versa. Thus, it’s important that you keep looking for inspiration.

How can you take no stress about anything?

  1. First, remove all negative things from life such as people, thoughts, surroundings, etc.
  2. Make a habit of deep meditation, and the best way to make a habit is to start right away.
  3. Ignore things that hurt you, again, it requires practice.
  4. Deep focus on your soul and try to introspect, it would give the ultimate peace.

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Believing others opinion and ignoring yours

womens talking to each other
Don’t let your inner voice die

It’s good to seek advice from wise people but it’s not good to entirely believe in their opinions. Most people never use their brain and suffer a lot in life. See, negative and bad people are everywhere; you should be safe from them.

Do learn to use your brain else, you would suffer throughout life.

Listen, if you believe in other’s opinion then you’re definitely destroying your career and future. Having self-confidence is essential to change your future.

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Why do most people believe in other’s opinions?

Well, there may be many reasons for this, check out some of them below:

  1. People have less confidence in themselves.
  2. Maybe, because they’re emotionally attached to them.
  3. They have a great impact on life.
  4. Most people never use their brain, seriously.
  5. They can’t visualize their future.
  6. They have no plan, only dreams.
  7. Maybe they fear to speak the truth because society criticizes creativity.

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You’re not working hard and smart, wasting your future and career

man lying on the floor in laziness
Work hard, don’t be lazy

You’ll get nowhere without working hard with smartness. It’s easy to be said than to be done. See, making plans is very much important, but more important is your work.

You can’t achieve success in one day, you have to be consistent for it. Success comes from many failures.

It means that you have to try 10 times and fail 9 times to succeed 1 time. Dedicate your heart and soul towards your goals. See, time never stops, and the same thing applies to you.

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It’s better to fail in reality than to succeed in imagination. Failure is more important than success. But why? Let’s find out:

  1. Failure gives you an opportunity to learn new things
  2. It provides insights into the problems  you have made
  3. It indicates that you need to work more
  4. It directs you to adopt new ways  of working without changing your goals
  5. Failure is your true friend as it shows you the reality and never let you go in the wrong direction.

Take your failure seriously, because you’ll never be going to find a better source of learning than that.

Often people got frustrated after the first failure, it shouldn’t have happened at any cost. The first failure doesn’t mean the end of life, it means that your life has just started, and you have to travel long. Work is worship.

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The major obstacles in your work are procrastination, laziness, lack of focus, lack of motivation… OMG! The list is so long, I can’t list them all. Instead, let’s talk about the solution.

In my opinion, Meditation is the best solution for the entire problems. In the past few years, I have noticed that people are losing self-control that costs them later. Thus, in order to maintain balance in your life, stick yourself to meditation.

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Trying to control others will destroy your future

man driving a car
Control your habits and future, not others.

If you can’t control yourself, then how can you control others. In my opinion, you should never try to control someone’s life because it will influence your life adversely.

I have seen many people who try to change other’s behavior to give them positive direction (in case if they’re following the wrong path) but my friends, don’t forget that people never change.

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Don’t ever try to change them because overall you have to bear all the loss, don’t take negative people seriously and please don’t treat them as your family member.

Do focus on self-improvement, the right people will find you and they’ll stay forever with you. Don’t worry about that.

What are the negative effects of controlling others?

  1. You’ll lose the energy that you may had used for the accomplishment of your goals.
  2. You’re wasting your precious time for others, who don’t even bother to listen to you.
  3. You’re taking stress for no reason.
  4. You’re losing your value for people who don’t care for you.

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My friends the world has changed, most people here have become greedy, they’ll contact you only when they’ll need you.

Don’t let such people use your energy and time for their entertainment. Be aware of your surroundings, learn some psychology to be safe, and don’t let negative and greedy people wander near you.

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Paying attention to what others are doing

OMG! Are you really peeping into other’s life? If so, then your future and career are in danger. You can never create a better future neither for yourself nor for your family if you’ll not change your habits.

“Change your habits and it will change your life

You have to choose one of these two options:

  1. You either keep peeping into someone’s life and waste your time and energy on him or her.
  2. OR use your energy to build your future and career.

You should master the skill to stop paying attention to other’s doing. In simple words, learn to ignore hard; ignoring is not just enough it should be hard.

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I know you’re sometimes attached emotionally with people and take them seriously, but to be honest let me tell you one thing that, it’s the creation of your smart and powerful brain.

Your brain is responsible for every emotion that creates distance between you and your goals. See, feelings are temporary and you shouldn’t waste your time on temporary things.

If you can control your brain, you can control your emotions and lastly you can control your life.”

Thus, stop peeping into other’s life and start exploring you.

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How can you control your brain?

To be honest you can’t control your brain right away. It takes time for every good thing to happen, the condition is that you have to be consistent and patient. Following are the best ways to control your brain:

  1. Meditation: If you can give 15 to 20 min to it every day, then it would be beneficial for you and your life.
  2. Practice: Training your brain hard can help you out to control it. The meaning is clear, simply put your brain to the usual position when it tries to indulge in the imagination.

Begging people to stay in your life

Oh, come on my friend, I have told this hundreds of times not to beg people to stay in your life. Don’t you have any self-respect?

Begging people to sty in life shows that you’re simply wasting your future and career.

Come on you’re an individual and you have self-respect please don’t make yourself down for anyone.

“Hustle in deep silence and let your success makes the noise”

What does this quote mean? It simply means, the more silently you work the more your success will make the noise.

I’m giving you this deep knowledge, stick it to your brain, mind, heart and even in your blood. Let hustle flow in your blood vessel, feel it. It’s better to concentrate on self-development and avoid people.

Don’t get emotionally attached with them (if they’re not your family member)

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Overthinking plus procrastination

Thinking about negative people, negative past events is not going to change your life. See, overthinking leads to procrastination that resists you to work on your dreams.

Overthinking may lead to some serious problems, which I have mentioned here:

  1. Brain damage: OMG! This is the most dangerous problem, overthinking causes stress that can completely damage your neurons and may lead to mental disorder.
  2. Sadness: Some bad past events May makes you sad. The sadder a person is the more his or her urge to sleep will increase that will hang the important tasks.

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We got only one life, and thus we should dedicate it towards making our life and career. wasting your future and career is no wise decision.

If you’re engaged in any of the above bad activity then I’ll request you to get rid of it as soon as possible.

It’s never too late to start, you have a lot of time to built your future. Hustle and change your life. Life is not just working like a donkey, getting retirement, and waiting for the death to approach.

Life is worth more than you think. If you can build your future, you can help other people who are struggling as you were.

See, it gives happiness when we help others; nothing is more peaceful than helping others. Think about it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

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