Short Moral story | Time waits for no one

Short moral story on time. This short moral story says that time waits for no one. A boy having great dreams in his eyes failed to achieve them. Read more

He was lying on his bed. Tears were rolling down of his eyes. He thought that his dream remained dreams.

Moreover, He said, “If I had tried once, I might have achieved it. Now, it’s too late. I can’t achieve to do anything now.”


The alarm clocked rang. He opened his eyes. Sweat was dropping off his body. He feels relief. In addition, he said, “Thank God! It was a dream. I’ll never let my dreams die. I’ll achieve my goal.”

[He was an 18 years old boy studying in a school. His dream was to be a great painter. His name was Panther.]

Panther got ready for the school. He was a smart student. He never leaves any task. His parents were proud of his child. They were supportive. However, they want their child to be a great officer.

[1 year passed.]

Panther got 90% marks. His parents were searching for a brilliant university for him. Panther was full of confidence that he’ll tell everything about his dream to his parents.

However, he entered the room. His parents hugged him and said, “Son, we’ve found an awesome university for you.”

Panther loose all his confidence and e didn’t speak a single word. He just smiled and nodded his head.

Soon, panther got admission. He started his studies. He remained busy in his studies. He didn’t get much time for paintings.

[Time goes on. It never waits for anyone.]

[5 years passed.]

Panther was out of college. He scored a good percentage. His parents were very happy and proud of him.

Panther was now confident that he’ll tell about his dream to his parents. One day, his parents were sitting in the balcony. Panther thought that it’s a good time to tell everything to them.

He went near them and sat on the chair. [In fearful voice] He said, “I want to be a painter. It’s my dream.”

His parents were shocked. They stared at him. His father said, “I think you’re a brilliant child. You shouldn’t waste your time in irrelevant things like painting. It’ll not give any benefit to you. Drop your idea.”

Panther said, “But Father.”

His father, “I said no. Go and search for a job.” His parents forced him for a job. Within a few days, he got a job in a company.

From the very first day of the office, he got a lot of work. The workload increased day by day.

He didn’t have much time to relax. In the race of work, he forgot his dream.

[Few years gradually passed]

Panther got married. One day, the thought of his dream came to his mind. He went to his wife and told her everything.

His wife said, “I respect your dreams. Nevertheless, just think for a moment. We don’t have a house of our own. When we’ll have the children. How we’ll take care of them. If you’ll lose your job. What’s the guarantee that you’ll succeed in your dreams? I can’t bear this risk. Just do your job and throw out your dreams forever.”

Panther got very sad. His own wife didn’t stand with him.

[Gradually, a few years passed. Panther got children. They went to school and then to college. They got married. At last, panther attained the age of 60 years. ]

Panther was sitting alone on the chair. Tears were rolling down of his eye. He thought that if he had shown a little bit of courage. Then he may have achieved his goals.

Moral of the short moral story

Life is too short. If you have great dreams, then start working on them from today onwards. Don’t fear what your parents will say. What society and your relatives will say?

It’s not a part of your goal. Your goal is what you want to be. Keep your focus on it. Show a little bit of courage and say everything you want to do in your life. If you’ll not try today, you’ll repent for the rest of your life.

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6 replies on “Short Moral story | Time waits for no one”

I love what you write but I disagree on merely one point of yours, there’s another perspective how panther could have looked at it. I believe happiness is a state of mind and life is not forever,instead of thinking that he could choose painting as his career he could’ve simultaneously done his career and painting could’ve been his pass time,if he did love painting he would get joy in painting no matter for what reason he does it.People generally think that if they like something they are meant to do it, but yeah I love singing and I would get eggs and raw tomatoes on my face if I shall go on the stage someday,but the thing is I love to sing and I do, I sing until the windows rattle???.
Life is too short,just question yourself why and just do it,just try it,at least u’ll not have a regret of not trying like panther.

I have seen people who have great desire in the beginning. However, when the things didn’t work according to their expectations. They quit and never think of their dreams. By the way, thanks for sharing your point of view also for reading this story. ??? have a great day my dear friend.✌✌

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