What secrets you never learn in school?

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 There are many secrets you never learn in school. You can learn them online on blogs like this one or YouTube channels.

The education system is primarily designed to provide a workforce to giant companies and industries.

Here are the secrets you never learn in schools.

1.     Money is the ultimate goal

What secrets you never learn in school? 1

I’m an average student. I’ve never scored more than 70-75% in school and college.

Almost every teacher argued to study hard and get good marks. But they never told any of the students that our ultimate goal is to earn money.

We gain theoretical knowledge. But we’re never taught about the practical use of any equipment not even of computers.

When I was in college, I realized that my marks aren’t going to get me a Job. Good marks are not a sign of a bright future.

In the real world, your practical skills matter a lot.

How you serve people and what value you provide to society decides how much money you’re going to earn.  

Indeed, the study is important but your goals shouldn’t be limited to getting good marks.

You have to aim to gain knowledge and practical skills that could help you build a bright future for yourself.

a.      Why I prefer knowledge/ skills over marks?

It’s because marks are just numbers printed on cheap paper. Whereas your skills are gold mines for you.

Your employer will expect practical knowledge more than theoretical knowledge. Example: I’m a programmer. If I went for a job, my employer will ask basic theoretical questions and then he’ll throw programs on me. They will ask me to create and run them.

If, I’ll not know how coding is done and how applications are created and how programs are run.

What would I do at that time?

And no doubt, my employer will reject my application.

I hope the point is clear to you.

b.        You’re money making machine

Money doesn’t come the easy way. You have to grind yourself every day to be better.

In case you didn’t get a job (I hope it never happens). You can start your own business with the help of the skills you have acquired.

A business can probably help you make more money than you can earn from a job.

“The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself… The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.”  

~Warren buffet

2.     Work hard and you’ll make them rich

What secrets you never learn in school? 2

As I’ve told education system is designed to provide a workforce to giant companies and industries.

You work hard to earn money and pay taxes. (Surely, I’ve learned this lesson from Rich Dad poor Dad)

How you make your employer rich?

 There’s a huge difference between how the income class earns money and how businessmen earn money.


When you receive your salary, your tax is deducted before coming to you. Then you make expenses from it.


They make expenses from the profit earned by their business. Their expenses include: salaries, buying new machinery, purchasing land to set up new manufacturing units.

The money left after paying all expenses is taxed 30% (may differ in your country).

Just look at their expenses –  they buy new machinery they can purchase land for new manufacturing units.

These expenses will generate more profit for them in the future. And this cycle continues.

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3.     Financial secrets you never learn in school

secrets you never learn in school

If you aren’t a commerce student you won’t be given any financial knowledge. You have to learn it all by yourself through finance books and videos.

(BTW, I was a commerce student.)

What is financial education?

It’s all about managing your money. It includes legal tax deductions, savings, investment, expenses, inflation, assets, liabilities, and much more.

Having financial knowledge is a must for everyone. I’m not a finance expert, yet I can share some knowledge I’ve learned from some of the bestselling books.   

a.      Savings

The richest man in Babylon is one of the bestselling books that taught me the rules of money.

  1. Save 10% of the money you earn.
  2. Clear your debt (if, have any) with 70% of the money
  3. Enjoy your life with 20% of your money
  4. Invest that 10% of the money you have saved
  5. Always take expert advice for investment

b.      Investment

Now it’s time for Rich Dad Poor Dad. Investment is a must for everyone because it generates passive income.

If you do not know anything about the investment you can simply invest in mutual funds that give better ROI in long run. (Remember to take expert advice)

If you’re looking for better investment options you can go for the Stock market. Investing in the stock market is risky.

I won’t recommend a beginner to invest directly in stocks. If you’re interested in learning all about the stock market you can read these books:

  1. The intelligent investor
  2. How to think like Benjamin Graham and invest like warren buffet

Having the right knowledge is necessary for investment. Thus, educate yourself as much as you can with the help of books, articles, videos, etc.

c.       Inflation

In economics, you can learn everything about inflation.

Inflation is a consistent rise in the price of various commodities over a long period. It reduces your purchasing power.

You can beat inflation by investing in index funds. In the last few decades, Index funds have performed better.

Learn more about index funds.

4.     Individual skill development

What secrets you never learn in school? 3

Every child is a genius. The following quote from Albert Einstein supports this statement.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”

~ Albert Einstein

Schools are not designed to identify individual’s talent and help them improve it more.

It just promotes getting-high-marks. And students who don’t fit in this category are tagged as foolish-fellow.

If you’ve identified your talent, you have to work hard to improve it. Don’t expect the school and your teacher to get help.

Believe me, nobody’s gonna help you. You have to do it all yourself.

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5.     The rat race

What secrets you never learn in school? 4

Schools will never reveal this secret that they’re training you for the rat race.

Learn more about the rat race.

You may get a high paying job in MNC, but you can’t beat the teacher teaching you in the school.

You’re taught to get a job in MNCs that will make your future awesome. If that’s the case why your teaching isn’t doing that job?

Because they know that MNCs suck every drop of your blood. Yeah, they pay a high salary, but you get no time freedom.

On contrary, your teachers are paid a good salary, and they have more time freedom.

Listen, I’m not discouraging you. If you’ve dreamed to work for an MNC just go for it. Pursue your dreams.

But if you have no plan, don’t follow the trend blindly, not even my advice. You know what’s better for you and you should go for it.

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6.     Don’t be creative

secrets you never learn in school

Some schools assign useless projects in the name of creativity.

I’ve also completed such so-called-creative-projects where our teacher has told us everything – how to do and what to do?

I’m not a creative boy but some student was and they gave new suggestions I loved them but our teacher rejected and said, “Don’t use your brain. Do what I said.”

I don’t know what kind of creativity is this.

The situation is not the same for every school. Some schools promote creativity and I appreciate their effort.

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Important Final words

The truth is, you can’t learn everything from school. You have to take help from experienced people, self-help books, video tutorials, seminars, etc.

Second, it’s important to study in school because at least it develops your skill for jobs. Ask the person who never attended school and is jobless. You can’t imagine how hard his life is.

You have to be grateful for everything you have.

BTW, school memories are the best memories in the life of a person. And that memory becomes awesome because of our true, funny, and loving friends.

I miss those days.


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