What secrets to success do successful people knows?

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“They loved me until I chose to live for my dreams”

This is the massive secrets to success, if you have chosen to live your dreams and people have started hating you, then you’re on the right track.

People often hate those who chose to make their own path and let me tell you that – these people have become successful in life.

Here’s the real life example of Elon Musk:

You can read the detail here, for now, let’s talk about the “Rockets” yes when he decided to make his own rockets at low costs, everybody including Neil Armstrong opposed his decision.

Most people didn’t like the idea of a private rocket company. However, Elon musk never mind and kept on working for years, yet he failed – his three rockets crashed in a row but finally, the fourth one launched successfully and SpaceX became the first private firm to have reusable rockets.

From this story, you can take inspiration and choose to live your life on your conditions.

Now, let’s dive into the 6 untold secrets to success.

“Convince yourself” the first secrets to success

secrets to success

It’s time to learn from the story of Elon Musk.

What he did?

He convinced himself not to give up at any cost. When his three rockets crashed in a row, he had two options left:

  1. Pack his bag and go home.
  2. Convince himself and do it again

And he choose the second option, and succeed.

This is the biggest secret to success. A man who can convince himself, to get up and work again even after several failures can achieve any level of success in life.

How to convince yourself?

Most people find it difficult to convince themselves to go for the great, due to the fear of failure.

However, you can convince yourself in two ways:

  1. You have to  believe that the future will be bright
  2. Success tests you, by sending failure, again and again, to check if you’re worth it or not.

Moral of the story: Always convince yourself to take one more chance maybe you get success.

Convince your parents (secrets to success)

If you can convince your parents, you can do anything

In “The worst book ever written” I have exactly written how anyone can convince their parents.

For now, I just wanna say that convincing your parents is the most difficult task when it comes to following your dreams.

See, your parents are not your enemy and you can easily convince them.

Why you should convince your parents?

It’s important for a reason.

See, your parents are your greatest supporters, even when they deny you not to follow your dreams; they bless you from the heart so that you can succeed in that work.

But they never show.

The other reason is even if the whole world goes against you…..you would have the satisfaction that your parents are with you.

Remember: if you have the support from your parents, you can achieve any level of success in life. To convince them you need to read this eBook.

You have to do it all alone man

I can do it all alone, man.

Yeah, man, you have to do it all alone.

This is no secrets to success but most people expect too much from others and end up with trust break and nothing.

You should be hopeful but never expect anything from others, and if you’re expecting something for free, oh forget it at all.

Even your best friend not gonna help you at all, it’s harsh but true. I have one solution you can delegate your work instead of expecting it.

And one more thing, pay them some money, even if you’re paying low, just pay them. Don’t get anything done for free, because there’s nothing FREE in this world.

Let’s dive into some benefits of working alone.

  1. You become emotionally strong.
  2. Your knowledge increases because you need to learn many things.
  3. You even learn how things work.
  4. You gain experience.
  5. You learn self-discipline and control over your mind.

Did you see everything happens for a reason and many positive things are hidden in them, you just need to think about it calmly.

Success secrets 4: Life is never stable

Stable life? What’s that?

The life of successful people is never stable, even there’s no man on this planet who has a stable life.

You have to kick out the thoughts that say, “Life of successful people is stable” because it’s not true.

Do you remember?

When you were in school, you used to think that college life is good. But, when you went to college you used to think that after-college-life is better, but the situation went even worse.

Here you have made a mistake of not loving your present moment instead; you have wasted those precious moments.

You’re doing the same thing here.

As I said, you should throw such thoughts out of your mind and keep your focus in work. Nobody’s gonna teach you these untold secrets to success.

Life and Time are the two things that never gonna be stable but you can make your life easy to some point.

Secrets to success 5: You have to do more than what it takes

What secrets to success do successful people knows? 1

Do you have heard people saying that successful people sleep 8-9 hours and follow simple work schedule as others?

Well, man that’s all true, but the untold success secrets is this:

These successful people are following simple schedules in the present moment where they are successful. But at times when they were just like you and me, they had followed a hard-working schedule.

They have worked for 80-100 hours a week to make their dreams come true. Who doesn’t love a comfortable life? Well, everybody loves, even me.

But these people had already seen their future, they always knew that to lead a comfortable life you need to grind now.

So, you should do the same, you have to understand that you can’t achieve anything big with simple work ethics.

Popular quote by Stephen C. Hogan

“You can’t have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage ethics”

Pro tip: Don’t afraid to go extra miles.

Take the advantage of situations

What secrets to success do successful people knows? 2

The biggest secrets to success is to learn how to take advantage of situations. And to do that you need a positive mindset.

As you know, COVID-19 has spread across the world and it’s a huge problem. You can take advantage of this situation as well.

Let’s take my example:

As you know almost everyone is staying at home, within the past a few months the usage of the internet has increased and I have decided to write more posts frequently so that I can connect with more people and help them to grow.

In fact, you can also start some online work, and it’s easy and free. You can start your YouTube channel, a blog, or anything.

In case, if you don’t wanna do some online work, you can read books at home, work on your skills to improve them more.

Pro advice: Don’t be lazy man.

“The biggest secrets to success lies in the ability to take advantage of any situation”

Bonus secrets to success: The value of small things

In my eBook, there’ a chapter “The biggest success lies in the small ignored things” which everyone should read.

It explains in deep about how small things can benefit from achieving massive success and why everyone should focus on the small stuff.

As Lao Tzu has said

“The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.”

And I agree with him, you don’t have to think about the thousand miles just focus on one step at a time and you’ll reach your destination soon.

Final words

In the end, I would like to say that secrets to success are built in you. You just have to figure them out because not everything works for everyone.

In short, you have to make your own success secrets so that you can make your different identity and this is the hard part of everyone’s life.

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