Are you still thinking?

Sad poem about life. This poem can change your life, it will make you to meet your desired goals. You can motivate yourself to take the step which is required to carry out your goals. There’s one question waiting for you. Be sure to comment your answer before leaving this page. Without wasting your time move on the poem and enjoy. Don’t just read, feel it. ?

sad poem about life

Sad poem about life: Are you still thinking?

Our galaxy is expanding daily.

Voyager is exploring the universe.

Technology is going advance and more advance.

Are you still thinking?

Your competitor is ahead of you.

He is going popular on social networks.

Are you still thinking?

sad poem about life

You are lacking behind.

The situation is going out of your hand.

Your dream is about to die.

Are you still thinking?

Competition is going tough day by day.

Your plans aren’t working well.

Stress is increasing day by day.

Are you still thinking?

sad poem about life

They are trying to crush you.

They want to see you as a failure.

They want everything worse for you.

Are you still thinking?

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They are choosing their own way.

They are ready to fight with the problems.

They are about to change the world.

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Are you still thinking?

The newbie has taken his first step.

He is newbie still, didn’t afraid for problems.

He knows he’ll be successful.

But, are you still thinking?

sad poem about life

You are getting older day by day.

Responsibilities are increasing day by day.

Your money is going out of your hands.

Are you still thinking?

You’re reading this poem.

A huge electric current stroked through your blood vessels.

However, I think, you are still thinking.

Are you lying on the bed?

Are you still sleeping?

Are you still crying?

Are you still thinking?

sad poem about life

I hope you have enjoyed this poem. Here’ the question for you.

Question: Are you still thinking? Tell me in the comment box.

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Am I still thinking? Of course. At 87 not much is left to me. I thank the powers that be I still have the ability to think. How about you? What kinds of responses did you expect? Unfortunately, your oft repeated question seems to overpower your poem, which is excellent on its own.

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