The relationship story

The world is emerging very fast. Also, the competition has increased very much. However, some people forgot their work and just appreciate others. They just try to be in a relationship with everyone. But, they often failed to do so.

This story based on such people, with a great message for you. Read and explore further. There’s a question for you.


The relationship story begins:

Once upon a time, there was a boy. He lived in a village. His aim was to be a great person. He knew a secret formula, which could make him successful.

He has few friends. However, he always tries to be available for everyone he knows. He didn’t care about what people do with him.

His main work was to appreciate people for their good work. However, very few people praise for his work, in return. He sometimes, feels frustrated.

He was a village boy however; he was active on various social networks. Social network was the main platform where he used to appreciate people for their work.

However, the problem was that very few people support him in return. Moreover, this was the main reason for him to quit his passionate work forever.

It was started a few months ago when James decided to post his painting on social networks.

James knew that many people use social media. He created his accounts on it. He started following people of various fields.

He was a painter by passion. Moreover, he always appreciates people for their article,and even their products.

However, he had no relation to them. His only strategy was to like their posts, whatever, posts they have.

He enjoyed his work in the very beginning. However, soon he realizes that his work isn’t working well.

Most of the time, he didn’t post his paintings on social network. Moreover, he busy in liking and sharing others posts. He didn’t post his work his friends who often support him.

On the other hand, he was spending money on his work. His expenses were increasing day by day, but earning was still zero.

Everything happened for two years. However, when, he was out the money. He quit his work, [No, his passionate work] forever.

I hope you have enjoyed this story and learned something new from it. 

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