Relation between money and success?

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Since my teenage, I wanted to be successful. I used to tell myself, “I want to be successful” I had big dreams to own an expensive house and car, wear expensive clothes.

But as I grew up and started reading books I came to know that there’s a slight difference between rich and wealthy.

But that’s a whole different thing, in this post I’m gonna discuss something else.

What is the definition of success?

This might be a tough question for most us and apparently, different people will give different answers to this question.  

But believe me the answer to this question is very easy and clear.

The more money you have the more successful you would be. This is simple as that.

In society, the person’s success is determined by the money they earn.

I used to thought that doing good to people and being happy is the definition of success but I was wrong because my definition doesn’t match with the definition of society.

Whether you’re happy or not society will judge you by your money.

The two sides of a coin

First side

Some people try to fit them in the definition of success laid down by the society. They run after money, buy expensive clothes and vehicles to make other people jealous.

But this kind of happiness won’t last long, because those people are buying things to make others happy or jealous.

Some people are more ahead of others they take loan from bank to buy expensive items and trap themselves under the heavy weight of debt.

This is the worst financial decision a person can ever make.

Second side

There are some people who don’t look wealthy and successful, as they never talk about their wealth, they never buy expensive items for the sake of people.

They do things that make them happy; they never try to fit themselves in the definition of success laid by the society.

They know that everyone has different goals in life, and they should be working towards it.

So, whether people give them respect or not, treat them as successful or not, they just don’t care.

You don’t need a certificate

You don’t need a certificate from people to be happy and successful.

The rule of thumb is, “The more you try to take advice from society, the more they force you in the wrong direction.”

A person who can’t take decisions on its own will make their life worse.

You can’t imagine but this is true, the advice that you receive from most people are useless, or they seek their own monetary benefit.

Some people give you advice just to grow their bank balance they don’t care about you.

So, before saying “yes” to anyone’s advice think twice.

The truth about money and success

So far, we have seen two different definitions of success and two kinds of people.

Now, let’s talk about the truths of money and success.

  1. Money is important because it is essential for our survival. So, you should aim to earn a lot of money. And certainly, money can buy happiness.
  2. You decide whether you’re successful or not don’t let the society decide it for you.
  3. I repeat once again, whether you buy expensive clothes or not just earn a lot of money because it can certainly solve many of your problems.
  4. True wealth is never spend it is saved and invested.
  5. Don’t try to fit yourself in the society’s success definition.

Can a happy person be called successful?

A happy person isn’t successful according to the success definition of society.

And somewhere deep inside I also think the same way but that doesn’t mean you should buy items that you don’t need just to get a success certificate from society.

Indeed, you should earn a lot of money; you should buy things that make you happy.

On the top of this, I would say that if you have loyal friends who encourage you then you have the greatest wealth of all.

The secret

Don’t care about what society thinks, the history is the proof that most of the society’s beliefs were wrong.

The secret here is that you should be a secret millionaire. You don’t have to show people how much you earn, true wealth is never seen and shown with eyes.

People who take loans just to impress others, fall under heavy weight of debt. They’re neither able to use that money to their advantage nor to build more wealth.

So,  such money is just a piece of waste.

The true wealth is something, which is, not spend to impress others but to fulfill our needs.

You don’t need to brag about your wealth.

Just keep it secret, what the other person thinks about you doesn’t matter as long as you have a big fat bank balance.


We have seen that money is indeed important for our survival. And you should aim to create multiple sources of income.

But start with just one and diversify further.

Remember true wealth is never used to impress other but to fulfill our own needs even if the other person thinks you’re poor.

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