Rags to riches story

The story of a rich man

There was a city between the passages of the hills. There lived two boys. They were very diverse from each other. Morris’s father was a rich person. Morris often used to purchase new items every week.

He always went to watch the latest movie with his friends. He was very happy his life was going well.

On the other hand, Fred’s father was not as rich as Morris’s father. Fred was a type of guy who thinks that hard work is important and thus he always spends his time in improving his skills and learning new things.

Fred had only two shirts and two trousers. He had no watch. Actually, he didn’t pay attention to such things. These were nonsense for him.

Morris and Fred were in the same school, same class, and the same section. Morris often used to make fun of Fred. He shows off his new items.

He always tries to make Fred feel jealous of him. However, Fred never pays attention to it.

Fred was not as smart as Morris; this is one more reason that other students also make fun of him. Everybody had made up their mind that Fred can’t do anything in his life.

After a few years, they completed their Graduation. They left their homes in search of jobs. Fred and Morris, they too left their homes. Morris said, “Where are you going?

You’ll not go to get any job. Stay here and take care of your cattle. Ha…ha…ha… ha….”

Fred didn’t mind. He went to another city. Gradually 10 years passed, and after such a long time. All the students contacted each other and called a meeting in their native town.

Within a few days, everybody was back to the home. Morris had earned a lot of money and he had a car.

Everyone was there but Fred was missing, and no one knows where he was. They decided to ask his father. They went to his father and asked about Fred.

His Father said, “I don’t know where he is? I haven’t received any message from him for the last 10 years.” Tears rolled down his father’s eyes. Everybody was shocked to listen to it.

This news spread in the whole city and people were talking irrelevant things about Fred. Morris said, “I think he had got no job, that’s why he doesn’t show his face. Ha… ha… ha… everybody laughed.”

No one is born rich. You have to hustle to make a fortune for yourself.



Fred’s father was very sad and he had lost his hope that his son will ever come back to him. Few days passed and the students were about to go back to their workplace.

One day people were busy as usual in their work and the students were talking about their jobs and money. Suddenly, they saw a storm of sand, which was aroused due to a convoy, which was coming towards them.

Everybody stopped their work and watching the convoy. The convoy had five Luxury cars. When the convey stops near them, some armed bodyguards came out of the cars.

One of them opened the door of a White car and a man in black formal uniform came out of it. He had a beard and was unrecognizable.

Rags to riches story 1

However, after a few seconds, everybody realized that he was No one but Fred, who had become an executive. When his father heard about him, he went to meet him. They hug each other.

His father said, “My son, why you haven’t contacted me in the last 10 years.”

Fred said, “I’m sorry, but I was busy growing my business and haven’t got time to contact you. But now I have time for everything, and I am here to take you with me to our new home.”

When Morris heard this, he goes unconscious. Shivering with dread, he asked Fred, “How you became an executive? You were…”

Fred said, “My friend, you have spent on clothes, phones, and luxury items. But I have invested in myself.”

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