Why you should prefer reading only 1 book every week?

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Books are human’s best friends. Books are the source of knowledge. Reading a book is a good habit, it is an exercise to the brain. Books help to increase the number of neurons in our brains.

Developing a reading habit is good for both the brain and the soul. Some people have told me that Reading books gives them the ultimate pleasure. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of reading books.

We will also discuss why you should prefer reading only 1 book every week?

What are the benefits of reading books?

Reading books have the following benefits:

Books shoo away the loneliness

Why you should prefer reading only 1 book every week? 1
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Books are true friends; they will never leave you alone. So, how does a book removes the loneliness of a person? The answer is simple -> the books we read have emotions that connect us with the real world.

Most of the time people relate stories with real life. They dissolve in the Novel’s character. They think that everything is happening to them.

Sometimes people relate the fantasy stories with their real-life to a level that they forgot their surroundings an emerged in the stories.

While reading a good novel our brain imagines the things happening in the story, which makes it very interesting. In this way, books shoo away the loneliness of a person.

Books are the ultimate source of internal peace

Reading gives internal happiness
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This point extends the above point. Imagination is a very powerful thing in the world. This imagination gives real peace to our souls.

People imagine the characters when they read Novels, comics, or stories.

No one likes Maths because it has nothing to imagine. If it would have stories then I think it would be very interesting to solve it.

If you want internal peace then you should consider reading storybooks and Novels. In short, your imagination is the ultimate source of peace.

You are free to imagine anything there is no limitation on imaginations. You can imagine that you have bought your dream car or you may have purchased your dream house.

Such things give peace to everyone.

Books increase the number of neurons in our brain

books increase neurons
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A scientific study has shown that when we learn or read something new it increases the number of neurons in our brain.

Neurons play an important role in the intelligence of a person. The number of neurons a person have the more intelligent he is.

When you read a good book, you always get something new in it, which increases your neurons. Reading books and learning new things every day changes the structure of your brain.

Reading books is a mental exercise

Reading a book is a mental exercise. It enhances learning capacity. Moreover, it is helpful in increasing long-term memory.

This reading exercise can change the structure of your brain. Your brain will function differently.

It will generate new ideas easily; you’ll be able to solve any problem easily. Have fun with reading books.

Books increase our knowledge

books increase knowledge
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It is the fact that books are helpful in increasing our knowledge. There are tons of books available in the market based on various subjects and topics.

Many laws and principles written in the books teach us the way to live life. Most books have the answer to the following questions:

I’m sure that after reading these books your knowledge level will increase significantly. Using your own knowledge or asking from someone both are different things.

Intelligent and knowledgeable people gain respect everywhere. Knowledge is more powerful than outer beauty. Intelligent people look more beautiful than others do.

You are free to purchase the books in your area of interest. However, you if want to become smarter than you can purchase any book you want.

Final words

Reading a book is not the task of a few seconds. It took some days to read the whole book. Moreover, the people who work in the office don’t easily get time for other things.

However, everyone should try to spend at least a few minutes in a reading book. If you can’t read the whole book, just read 5 to 10 pages every day.


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