The perfect time

Life is too busy. However, some people manage it and complete their task on time. This time management story can change your life. Read and enjoy.

Time management story begins:

Margret came back from school and she got fresh and started watching T.V. Her mom said, “Margret please complete your homework first”. Margret replied, “Mom, I will complete my homework later”.

Margret was very happy today because she was about to go to a fair with her father.

When she decided to complete her homework, her friend came there and they started playing. They played for 3 hours.

When her friend went away, she again sat to complete her homework. But, suddenly her father came from the office. And they went in the fair. Margret was very happy.

She was enjoying the fair. But suddenly she remembered that she hasn’t completed her homework. She was making her parents go back home. When they rolling back home.

Suddenly, Margret saw her friend Bella with her parents. Bella came close to Margret and said, “Why are you going home soon. There’s still a lot to explore”.

Then Margret said, “I haven’t completed my homework”.

Bella replied, “I have completed my homework, When I came back from the school I immediately complete my homework and then I do the other things. I have a schedule to which I always follow and it keeps me on track”.

Upon hearing this reply from Bella, Margret felt ashamed. In the next morning, Margret made a schedule for herself. And from that day she never missed her work.

Moral of the story

Time is the most important. You should make a schedule for the day to day activity. The most important work should be your priority. Once the time slips out of your hand it’ll never be back. You have limited time. Thus, use it wisely.

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