Rhyme: My Friend(s)

Rhyme on friendship. This rhyme can make your relationship stronger with your friends. Everybody have best friends. They meet frequently. However, their friendship come to an end when some silly mistake is done by anyone of  them. Nevertheless, this rhyme on friendship is different. Read further and explore.   Rhyme on friendship begins: I have only […]

It is hard though it is important

Success poem: this poem can motivate you. If you have lost your motivation. This success poem can make you stand again. Success Poem begins: I have no experience. I know it’s hard but, it’s important. Sometime I don’t understand, what I should do. I know it’s hard but it’s important. They left me forever, I’m […]

I am proud to be a…….

People often give up. However, I don’t. I proud to, be a non-stop walker. When, people fall back of problems. I fight with them. I proud to, be a fighter. I have nothing. Nevertheless, I dream for everything. I proud to, be a dreamer. People afraid to take the first step. However, I have made […]

Work in advance

Hard work is most important. However, collaboration of hard work and smart work can give success in less time period. This Smart work story is going to change your life. Smart work story begins:  It was a busy town. No one has the time for anything rather than work. However, on the other hand that town […]

I am still unsuccessful

It’s a rhyme of a boy who is unsuccessful and sacrifice his everything to become successful. Rhyme begins: When, I see my friends going to cinema. My Heart says, “Let’s go and enjoy.” I got ready. Suddenly, I realize, “No, I can’t. I’m still unsuccessful.” When, I hear people talking about their Smartphone. My eyes […]

It is effortless to say, than to accomplish.

The school was about to have a winter vacation. Ulysses was very happy. He had many friends. However, Ulysses was so talkative. Mostly, he talks irrelevant things. The Science teacher had given group project to whole class. Students have made their own groups. However, when someone asked Ulysses to join them. He denied and said, […]

The wrestling match

A wrestling match was going on. There was noise everywhere. A man with less height was watching it. He was very thin. He went there with his friends to watch the wrestling match. However, he didn’t like wrestling. Sharp was his name. He was reading a book. As the noise increased, he stopped reading his […]

Time waits for no one

He was lying on his bed. Tears were rolling down of his eyes. He thought that his dream remained unachieved. Moreover, He said, “If I had tried once, I might have achieved it. Now, it’s too late. I can’t achieve do anything now.” [Suddenly] Alarm clocked rang. He opened his eyes. Sweat was dropping off […]

Secret of my success

It was 2:00 AM. He was working on his laptop. Everybody was sleeping in his family. His name was Yuri. There was not much space in his room. They had no house. They were living on lease. In simple words, they were poor. However, Yuri was a brilliant child he always try to learn something […]

I am small though I am unconquerable.

Once upon a time, there was a tiger named DOX. His size was bigger than other tiger. He was very arrogant of his size. One day he was passing through the forest, suddenly he saw the king of the forest, the lion. The King was unwell. He was going to see the doctor, a tortoise. […]