How not to care for people who hurt your feelings?

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The world is filled with negative people, but some are two-step ahead of it. How? The answer is, “They hurt your feelings.” This situation becomes worse when your loved ones become one of them.

So, how not to care for people who hurt your feelings?

Here, I’m not talking about our family members but about the people to whom we love as a family member.

Most of the time small arguments lead to big differences among relationships. Here, the big point is that if the bond of relationship between two people is strong then why small arguments lead to big differences.

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Okay, so here are the few steps that will guide you on how not to care for people who hurt your feelings?

Ignore them as much as possible

not to care for people who hurt your feelings

The prominent way not to care about the people who hurt your feelings is to ignore them as much as possible. Don’t make any eye contact with them.

Usually, eye contact is an open invitation for the conversation to people. You may have this feeling when you have seen someone looking at you. You might have tried to talk with him or her.

It’s happening because our emotions are stronger than anything in the world.  Thus, it’s necessary to keep your emotions in control. Your emotions are the main reason for your suffering.

The next best way to ignore people is to keep a distance from them. In addition, you shouldn’t pay attention to what they say to others. You should mind your own business.

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Don’t have a conversation with them

not to care for people who hurt your feelings

Why am I saying this? It’s because having a conversation with people who hurts your feelings will lead to more heartache. It’s not easy for the people to change in day because good habits are built over time so is true for bad habits as well.

Arguing again with such people will make you feel inferior that will ultimately reduce your productivity.

    See, the sadder we are the more we tend to sleep. In addition, sleeping all day long is not good for your health and career. I know we are social beings and need someone who can talk with us.

    Thus, I would recommend that you find someone who has a good nature or you can train your brain to enjoy everything alone. Moreover, I think that being alone is good because you can improve yourself as much as you can.

    Almost every useful thing has been made in a locked room because there are fewer chances of being disturbed.

    Recommended Book: Kinda don’t care (The simple man series)(Volume  1)

    Don’t care for what they do

    not to care for people

    Giving attention to what your hater and heartbreaker do is similar to doing your insult. I will advise you not to pay attention to such people.

    Most of the time they’ll do some work that could possibly grab your attention, you have to understand that it’s just a bait for you.

    They want to make you feel inferior that would ultimately give them pleasure and makes you stressful.

    Thus, it’s necessary that you follow the first point i.e. ignore them and let them do the useless work. Silence is the best answer to a fool.

    Recommended book: Living well is the best revenge.

    Don’t ever give them your life’s control ever again

    When, your heartbreaks, your brainwork. It was a huge mistake that, you have trusted to fake people and loved them as your family members.

    However, in return, they have hurt you. Thus, from now on you’ll need to be careful of such people. Never ever give your life’s control in other’s hands again.

    not to care for people

    It would be no wise decision if you’ll do it again. What others do doesn’t affect your life, your reaction towards it does all the job. Therefore, learn to respond not to react.

    What is the difference between responding and reacting?

    The reaction is an immediate action, which takes place without any thought processing whereas responding takes the time you think over the situation finds the best possible answer and reply.

    Recommended book:  Controlling your anger: Learn to respond, not react.

    Success is the best revenge

    not to care for people

    This is the last but not the least. Success is the best revenge. In order to take revenge from people who have hurt your feeling is to become successful and powerful.

    Time is the game-changer. You need to focus on your work. One day your hard work will pay off. In addition, the interesting thing is that you don’t need to tell about your success to your haters.

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    It will reach them automatically. However, for now, you need to hustle and grind yourself. My friend you have only one life and please don’t waste it for any reason.

    The feeling of success gives more happiness than, anything else in the world because you grind yourself day and night for it.

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    This post concludes that you shouldn’t easily trust people. However, if you trust someone then don’t allow them to hurt your feelings because it’s not good behavior.

    Such people change good people and make them badass. However, my friend doesn’t judge people with the same eyes. Everyone is different, maybe you’ll find someone who really cares for you. Never give up.

    A Question for you

    Has anyone ever hurt your feelings to whom you have loved as a family member? Answer me in the comment.

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