New quotes 2018 inspirational and motivational

Here are new quotes of 2018. Inspirational and motivational. These new quotes can change your life and gives you a new direction. Motivation is a key that generates hope in the hopeless. It makes people, what they ever wanted to be. You’ll definitely be going to enjoy the new quotes 2018 below. Read them and enjoy.

new quotes 2018

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New quotes 2018:

“He (Success) is waiting for you on the opposite side of the river (problems). Use the bridge (Hard work) to meet him.”

“Motivation is a good thing. It tells us to keep working and success will be ours. However, it’s not easy, it’s worse than you think. Moreover, It’s reality.”

“Never say that you’re going to be successful. No, you’re not, because you’re going to be a legendary successful person.”

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“When you were a child, you have tried to be Superman and Spiderman. Now, you’re grown up, your dream should be to explore the Galaxy.”

“Silence my best friend. Because, when people talk about their interest. My silence talks to me about my interest. Do you know what the benefit is? No one can hear it.”

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“Fail! Fail! Fail! Until failure, itself get frustrated and hand over Success to you.”

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“I know my future. Because it’s going to be the same as I’m making it today.”

“Your dream is not yours. Many people are connected with it. If you’ll be successful, they’ll celebrate your success.”

“A silk cloth was once a simple thread.”

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“Accompanied with, people at the level as you. Help each other and you’ll find yourself at the stage of success in less time.”

“Losing Money is a physical change. Whereas, losing time is a chemical change. In addition, chemical changes are dangerous, because it doesn’t allow you to get the used material in it’s initial/original form. (You can’t get the milk back from the curd)

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