Does music really motivate people to work hard?

Indeed, music really motivates people to work hard. I use it to boost my motivation and productivity.

Life is challenging and, you have to be strong enough to face it. But often, it becomes unbearable and tough to move even a single step ahead.

In that case, I take a break from my work and listen to my favorite music. It gives me new energy and motivation to work like hell.

I hope you like music too. And who won’t?

Indeed, music gives the motivation to work hard, however, it’s temporary and addicting that could affect your life and performance negatively.

1. Things to remember

  1. Don’t make a habit of listening to music every day because it could become an addiction and will cause problems later.
  2. Be careful while choosing the type of music you want to listen to. Always choose inspirational, bold, and bright music. Such types of music encourage to work hard.
  3. There are exceptions. Example: I listen to sad music because it inspires me to take action. (I don’t know why)
  4. Never listen to music when you’re in bed at night because it will not let you sleep properly and could ruin your next day.

2. Music motivation is temporary

Music-motivation is temporary. You should have some big goals that won’t expect music-listening from you.

Music-motivation may act as a supplement but relying solely on music to get a push for work is a sign of foolishness.

As I’ve said music is addicting and you have to be careful of it. Make a music-schedule as you make your working-schedule.

How your music-schedule should look like?

You have to include music-listening activity for the weekend for 2 hours maximum. Don’t go beyond 2 hours.

I’ve got a post similar to this one, you can check out here.

(Yeah, I love to listen to music at weekend)

You need strong reasons to move ahead in life even when no motivation strike. In simple words, you have to master the art of self-discipline.

3. Famous quotes on music

“Music can heal the wounds, that medicine cannot touch.”

~ Debasish Mridha

I truly love this quote. Why?

I’m sure you would agree that some wounds can’t be healed by medicines such as Heartbreaks. And music is the best healer that helps to recover fast from heartbreaks.

“Music is life. That’s why our hearts have beats”


“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, fight to the imagination and life to everything”

~ Plato

4. Music and productivity

music really motivates

Music can help you improve your productivity.

Indeed, you can combine music with your work. But how?

Here’s how:

You can play music at a low volume so that it won’t distract your mind.

Please pay attention that I’m talking about music and not the song. Songs have Lyrics that could distract your mind and frustrates you.

It will reduce your productivity and will produce bad results for your work.

You can play instrumental music, rain sound, calm music, flute music, etc.

The above music is primarily composed to increase productivity, keep you calm, and improve your focus.

Final words

Indeed, music has the power to push you to work hard for your goals. It does really motivate people to work hard.

It motivates and inspires to take action. Our brain undergoes several changes that encourage us to take action. You can check out Harvard’s article Music and health.

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