4 untold ways to motivate yourself in worse situation

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Sometimes life gets harder for no reason. At that time mind stops working and nothing seems to be working.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a working professional – if you’re going through tough times then you must read this post.

Here, I’ve shared 4 best ways to motivate yourself in worse situation.

It’s true that we can take control of our life in our hands but something is there that we couldn’t control.

The external factors that we can’t control affects our life very badly, and that’s when we face worse situation.

In such situation, we can’t do anything about that but we can motivate ourselves to fight against it.

1. Your good deeds

This is the most effective way to motivate you in bad situations. Your good deeds that you had did in past can make you feel better and happy.

When you focus on good thoughts, it circulates in your mind and produces more of it.

This simple yet effective method motivates you and put smile on your face. It gives you confidence that you can fight with that situation and become stronger.

2. Make plans

When any bad thing happen our mind focus deeply on the current situation and couldn’t help itself to get out of that thought process.

In that case, you should write down your future plans in detail.

You must clearly define how you’re going to achieve that goal, how your life would look like and what you would be doing on that occasion.

My recommendation is to write every positive thing possible. Doing this, will help you feel good about you and it will also boost your confidence.

3. The worse situation itself

The worse situation itself can serve as a motivation for you. You can imagine worse situation as a natural person who is trying to degrade your life, who is trying to take revenge from, who is trying to prove you as a failure.

These all imaginary situations can boost your confidence and help you solve the problems effectively that would ultimately cut down the bad situation itself.

4. You’re not talented but can suffer

Suffering has its own fun. You may not be the smartest guy, you may not be the richest guy, you may not be the happiest guy but you can be the toughest guy who doesn’t fear of worse situation.

When you get used to enjoying suffering and pain – you become unstoppable and fearless.

From that point, your life becomes limitless.

There’s a fun in every pain that you get from life, but most people take it as plain pain that is meant to make their life miserable and sad.

Whereas some people find opportunity in it.

They make something best out of it. For many people worse situations are gold mine for them.

They’re addicted to solving problems, which grows them into a toughest problem solving machine.


The overall conclusion of this post is that you have to be willing to fight with odd situations.

Remember one thing that there’s no success without failure and there’s no gain without pain.

Pain, sadness, and struggle are the part of life no matter how much you earn, no matter what position you hold. Nobody in this world is untouched from pain.

Why don’t we make pain a part our lifestyle?

It can keep us going and growing in life.

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