Everything is backed by money

A happy person isn’t considered as successful because he probably lack money in life. On contrary, a sad person having a lot of wealth is considered as successful.

Do you know every action we take is backed by money?

Consider the simple example: why do we send our children to school?

Of course to make them literate and skillful.

But the ultimate goal of education is to earn money.

Whether that education is helpful for society or not but it certainly helps to earn money.

Even we make friends just to ensure that someone is there to help us in financial crisis.

Overall, everything thing we do today is backed by money.

Most people have taken it to the extremes they’re so much blind for money that they can’t even help you with small tasks.

They always seek monetary benefits.

Money is important

Indeed, money is important but only up to limit. It helps to maintain your lifestyle, it can buy food for you, clothes, house etc.

But that doesn’t mean you will always seek monetary benefit even in helping your neighbor.

There are plenty of examples available in history, which proves that great and wealthy people were those you always gave something valuable to society.

Their first priority was to help people with their problems. The money they made out of it was the byproduct of their valuable services.

Even after getting rich, they spend their money to create products that are more valuable for their people.

The money was never their first priority.

What has happened to our world?

I’ve talked the money-blind-people (people who are blind for money).

Do you think they’re ever going to live a comfortable life? Can they really give better life to their family?

Certainly, not.

They may earn money by ditching innocent people. But they can never be truly rich and satisfied.

People don’t give respect to them.

If some financial crisis happened in the lives of money-blind-people nobody is going to help them because they have always looted innocent people and made money out of it.

They have never received respect.

When you have no respect deep inside your heart for a person, you never help them during their bad times.

And that’s a good thing. Money-blind-people must be taught a lesson.

Your deeds reflect back to you

What you do to others reflects back to you in future.

So, make sure your deeds are good and helpful for others.

You should definitely aim to accumulate wealth but not on the sacrifice of other people’s soul.

It’s not always true that people only give respect to rich and wealthy people but to the helpful one.

Take an example of an entrepreneur: on one hand he achieve his personal goals, accumulate wealth, travel the world etc.

At the same time, he provide employment to many people, solve some serious problems of the economy and contribute to overall economic growth of the nation.

Entrepreneurs are the best example to illustrate that how a person can become wealthy without sacrificing other people’s soul.


Indeed, money is the key element of every activity but it shouldn’t control the mind.

Money is just a tool that can help you create valuable resources that can benefit both you and the society.

The problem with people is not having enough money but the lack of knowledge to manage it.

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