Mariam: the story of a brave girl

Mariam save her brother from this fire

When it happened they were in deep sleep. Suddenly, she woke up and shouted ? , “? Fire! ? Fire! ? Fire!”. Her mom and dad got up upon hearing her shout. The house was on ?? fire, it happened because of short circuit. It created panic in them.

The flames were trying to eat them up. Her mom and dad could survive it. But it was difficult for ? Mariam to do so. The smoke was filled in the room and it became difficult to for them to breath. They ran towards the main door. Her dad tried to open it. But he couldn’t, because the door was jammed.


They shouted together and the neighbours came out to see what had happened. One of them called the ?? fire brigade.

There seems no way to escape. Suddenly, her father said, “Let’s go to the balcony”. They ran towards the balcony. The house was on the ground floor. But it was at the height which was not suitable for jump.

But as they saw the huge flames. Without wasting a single second they jumped. Fortunately, the ?‍? firemen had arrived and they put the net at a little distance above the ground. ? Mariam, her mom and here dad, fall on it.


? Mariam was safe but her father got back pain. His pain can’t be described, because he was not able to walk of his own.

They were safe now. But, suddenly ? Mariam’s father tried to get inside the house. But, he couldn’t succeed. He shouted ?, “Connor, he is still inside”.

Upon hearing this ? Mariam became motionless and her mom goes unconscious. The ?‍? firemen tried to get inside the house. ? Mariam thought that, the ?‍? firemen will take time to find my brother. But I know where he is. He was sleeping in the last room of the house.

Suddenly, ? Mariam’s fear disappeared and she shouted ?, “I’ll came with you.”

The ?‍? firemen shouted ? back, “No, it’s dangerous. We’ll find him.”


? Mariam shouted ? again, “It will take time to find. But, I know where he is. I can help you”.

The ?‍? firemen equipped her with fire protecting shield and said, “Promise, that You’ll not move on your own, just give us the direction and we will take care of the everything”.

? Mariam directed them and they find her brother Connor. They took him out. ? Mariam, Connor and her Mom and dad were safe and happy. They had lost everything but they have gained something more. i.e Connor.


? Motivational message ?

Courage can conquor everything. Courage doesn’t mean you have no fear. Courage means, fear can’t stop you from doing what you love. ? Mariam showed courage, due to which her brother was safe.


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