The man and the wolf amazing story

The man and the wolf is an amazing story, showing the relationship between a human and the animals. The man and the wolf story. This amazing story can make your weekend more happy and joyful.

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the man and the wolf

The man and the wolf story begins:

One day a man was passing through a dense forest. He was afraid, as he was desperate for his group. The forest was very dangerous. The man was trembling with fear.

The forest was known for the killer wolves. There were many popular stories related to them. The man was aware of it. However, he still dared to go through it.

He was searching his group members. He was praying to God to, not encounter with any wolf. On the other hand, his group members were searching for him. They were worried about him.

The man was still walking. He made no sound. The forest was getting less dense. He thought that he is going to get out of the forest. However, his expectations broke. When he reached to the edge of the forest, he found a huge forest waiting for him.

He was standing at the top of a waterfall. He thought that he‘d never make the way to his group members. Moreover, he heard the sound of a wolf. He was afraid and ran from there.

However, it seems that an animal was in trouble. The man stopped and went to the direction of the sound. When he reached there, he was stunned to see there was wolf lying on the ground.

the man and the wolf

The man was afraid. However, he went near the wolf and found a scratch on wolf’s body. He had a bag that contained an antiseptic cream and a cotton cloth. The man gives first aid. Moreover, he gave the wolf something to eat.

The wolf was feeling better now. He stands up on his feet and bent on the knee to show grace to the man. The man touched his head. He continued to follow his way and when he turned back, he found the wolf following him.

The man stopped and the wolf came near him. Then they both started to walk together.

the man and the wolf

The man was happy to have a shield (wolf) with him. Both were on their way. Suddenly they heard the howl of wolves coming towards them. The man was afraid. Their howl was making him uncomfortable. They both stopped at a place.

Soon they were surrounded with many wolves from all directions. The man got afraid. He was totally depended on his friend wolf for help. Unexpectedly, his friend wolf too stands against him.

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On the other hand, his group members were tired of searching for him. They have started talking about his death. One of the group members said, “We’re wasting our time in searching for him. Everybody knows he is a coward person. Wolves might have eaten him up.”

[Ha…Ha…Ha… The whole group laughed]

the man and the wolf

However, their happiness disappeared when they heard the howls of wolves coming towards them. They were afraid and put their stick in their hands. The bushes around them shake and a man came out of it. He was no one but the man who was lost in the forest.

However, the surprise was that he wasn’t alone. Nevertheless, the pack of wolves was surrounding him. The group members bent on their knees. They beg forgiveness for, what they had kept doing with him.

The wolves who surrounded him were the friends of the wolf to whom he helped in the forest.

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This is a very good story, I have emotion when the man who would help the wolf first aid and give it food. He did not think of himself may need those things on his way to find his friends.
Thank you for your story.

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