51 list: how to make yourself ready for bad times?

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Do you know ‘bad times’ is the best time to work hard for your dreams but that doesn’t mean you should wait for bad times to take action?

The biggest mistake we commit is, we never think about bad times and forget to prepare for them. Nobody knows what things are going to happen in the next few seconds.

In this post, I’ve shared 50 lists on how to make yourself ready for bad times.

  1. Make a plan for the future include everything from children’s education to emergency funds, food, bills, income, and every important thing.
  2. Invest your hard-earned money in an emergency fund.
  3. Read every day and learn as much as you can.
  4. Focus on developing multiple skills.
  5. You can learn skills free on YouTube and Google. You just need to invest your time.
  6. Meditate every day so that you could make decisions peacefully in bad times.
  7. Make network with a few but true people. They could help you in bad times.
  8.  Learn to control your fear.
  9. Never waste your money on cheap things such as on party on Saturday nights, luxury items.
  10. Buy things that you need.
  11. Develop a habit of saving and investing on regular basis.
  12. Make yourself mentally strong.
  13. Never use bad words for yourself.
  14.  Learn from the failure of others and never commit such mistakes in your life.
  15. Keep faith in yourself every time.
  16. Never give up your important work no matter what.
  17. Control your overthinking habit in good times.
  18. Always remember you can do anything in life.
  19. You have the power to defeat any circumstance.
  20. No bad times can stop you from moving ahead.
  21. You are a  badass and you can break every hurdle in your way.
  22. Keep your mind always open to new opportunities.
  23. Bear the responsibility of your life and never blame others.
  24. Control your emotions and use your brain to make important decisions.
  25. Keep your expectations low from others.
  26. Have control over your thoughts because emotional pain is much bigger than a physical one.
  27. Take bad times as motivation.
  28. Keep learning from past mistakes.
  29. Eat chocolates during bad times to keep yourself calm.
  30. Get rid of complain-habit.
  31. Take a break from your work and explore nature.
  32. Organize your favorite music collection.
  33. Write the motivational quote that will help you push through bad times.
  34. Motivational videos help to fight adverse situations.
  35. During bad times, think about your loved ones.
  36.  Military motivation is the biggest motivation of all.
  37. Imagine what your ideal person might have done in such bad situations.
  38. Drink a lot of water.
  39. Attitude is everything. Always think positively.
  40. Do exercise every day.
  41. Imagine a worse situation and note down things you would have done at that time.
  42. Never depend on others for any reason.
  43. Luck will not overcome bad situations but your massive actions can.
  44. Say these words to yourself every day, “No bad situation is bigger than my faith. I’m powerful and I can beat anything.”
  45. Never follow anybody’s advice blindly during bad times.
  46. Be thankful for the bad times because it will make you stronger.
  47. Stay away from social media otherwise its so-called glamorous life will put negativity inside your head.
  48. Accept the truth and work hard to overcome it.
  49. Surround yourself with happy people; they will make you feel good.
  50. Have a positive attitude towards “YOU.”
  51. A video game may probably help you reduce your stress during bad times.

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