Mad’s water

Water in MAD’s hand

Once Upon a time, there was a village. The people were so humanitarian and joyful. They had no short of anything. In the village, there lived a man who was not wealthy as much as other villagers were. His name was MAD.

The village surrounds forest. It constantly receives rainfall; the village never face shortage of water. Although, after few years the circumstances not remained the same, some greedy people got involve in deforestation, that leads to short rainfall and eventually, there was shortage of water.

There was a situation of drought and soon it was famine. There was shortage of foodstuff and water. Nearly everyone left the village but some people continue to live there. MAD was one of them.

The people who continue to live there held a meeting and the result was that everyone decided to leave that village forever. Everyone had made up their mind that they can’t do anything about it.

However, MAD and some people decided that they would stay there and dig a spring to use the ground water. From the next day, MAD and those people went to a place to dig the spring. MAD has confidence on him that he will dig the well successfully.

They started digging the ground. The ground was so dry. However, MAD continued to dig the ground, with the hope that he will bring the water to the top. After 5 hours of hard work, they found nothing but dry soil. They were very tired and went home. MAD had water, which was not enough for that night. However, he drank water and ate nothing at all. The foodstuff was over.

The next morning he packed his tools and went to the same place to continue his work where he left, no other came for the help. The sun was shining very hard. MAD worked for 5 hours and found nothing. His throat was dried. He had no water to drink. He was lying in the corner.

He was about to die. However, he gathered his full strength and hit the ground with his spade. This was his last hit and he again found nothing. MAD goes unconscious.

Suddenly, a fountain of water arouse very high in the sky. His last hit worked and there was water coming out of the ground in the spring. People who were about to leave the village saw this amazing moment and they ran towards it. They found MAD lying unconscious on the ground. They took him out of the spring and gave water to drink. MAD opened his eyes and was happy to see that his last hit worked.

The people asked him, “How you did that? It was Impossible.”

MAD said in bold voice, “I’m MAD and I can do anything.”

MAD and the people laughed and went to their home. Once again, the happiness was back in the life of the villagers.

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