Life saving ship

Ship at the island

When he opened his eyes he found himself on a ship surrounded with few people. He was feeling hungry and there was a little bit pain on his back.

He was having a lot of scars and half burnt hand. When one of the ship members asked him, “What’s your name?”. The man said nothing but a single word, “HOPE”.

This story begins when James went on a trip to the pacific ocean. He was enjoying a lot on the ship. Their destination was an island where they had to spent 3 days.

When they reached the island, James went to explore the island. He was very happy because he had never seen such a beautiful island in his whole life.

The ship’s captain got a message through wireless that the ocean is gonna flooded soon. He immediately called the tourists back to the ship. And they left the island quickly.

Unknown from this incident James went deep inside the island. After exploring for two hours he felt hungry and turned behind to get back to the ship.

But as he reached the place where he had left the ship, he shocked to see that the ship was not there. Silence spread on the whole island.

His happiness turned into the worst nightmares.

He did not move for 5 minutes. He wasn’t able to think that what had happened to him. He was just having his camera in his hand.

After recovering from the shock he realized that he needs food and water. His lips were dried and he was not able to speak a single word because of his dry throat.

He was surrounded by water but can’t drink that. He found some coconut lying on the beach. But as he picked them one by one he found that all were empty and dry.

He lifted his face upwards and found coconuts hanging on the tree. He picked some stones and hit the coconuts with the hope that one will fall down, but nothing happened as expected.

Then he himself went near the tree to climb it. He tried for 5 times but failed, but in the sixth chance, he managed to climb the tree and as raised his hand to cut the coconut down, his hand slipped off and he falls down on the ground.

He got a very hard hit on the stone lying on the ground. He back was fractured. He goes unconscious.

As he opened his eyes he found himself in his bedroom. He had no pain in his back. But suddenly he feels some moisture on his face.

As he washed his face. He found himself on the same island and he was not able to move due to his back pain. But somehow he managed to turn his back upwards.

He was unconscious for 25 hours. He suddenly saw a ship sailing far in the ocean. But he wasn’t able to shout nor he could stand on his feet.

Tears were rolling down of his eyes. Helplessly he saw the ship which disappeared in front of his eyes.

After that, he somehow managed to crawl and went near the heap of leaves. And used his hands to rub the sticks together to make the heap burn with fire.

After rubbing for 3 hours, he was still empty hand. He was again going in the situation of the unconscious.

But he again saw a ship sailing far in the Pacific ocean. He again started rubbing the sticks together and it caught fire.

The heap was burning, James crawled back, and hope that people in the ship will saw the smoke.

But again this ship was about to disappear. Now, James had lost his energy and thought that his end is near and goes unconscious. And his hand touched the fire where it burnt half.

The ship was going back but suddenly someone of the ship member saw the smoke and they went to the island and found James lying on the ground.

They picked him up and took him on the ship with them. Now, James was safe. And as he opened his eyes he found himself on the ship surrounded with few people.

Moral of the story

Never lose your hope. Your hard work will pay off. You’re a strong person. All the power is inside you. Make yourself realize it.

Nothing is impossible. When you think that life is going to end, it takes a new turn. Keep working and one day you’ll find yourself on the ship of success.

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