The butterfly story

The butterfly life changing story

Changes are uncertain and people often afraid of changes. However, change is the way to success. Life changing story (the butterfly story) can change your point of view. Read and enjoy.

Life changing story begins:

Connor was a 10-year-old boy. He loved watching beautiful butterflies in his garden. He was having a keen desire to see the cocoon transform into a beautiful butterfly. One day he got the chance.

When he was in the garden, he saw a cocoon who was trying hard to open the outer shell to came out of it. He struggled for 2 hours but was only able to make a small hole.

Connor was very excited to see his beautiful wings. That’s why he thought that he’ll help the cocoon to open the outer covering.

But, as he moved ahead to do so, he saw that the cocoon was completely broken. Now, Connor was very excited to see the beautiful butterfly.

But, something unusual happened. When the cover was broken there was no butterfly. Instead, there was a caterpillar, It was looking weird and dry.

Now, Connor was upset and he thought that this will never transform into a beautiful butterfly. His mother was watching him from behind, and she knew, what Connor want.

She came close to Connor and said, “Son, you have seen that how cocoon had broken and a caterpillar came out of it, In the same way, if this caterpillar will struggle he’ll transform into a pupa.

After being a pupa if he’ll struggle more then he’ll soon become a beautiful butterfly, having colorful wings”.

Similarly, if you’ll face challenges in your life, if you’ll struggle, then you’ll be a strong and a brave person. You have to struggle to be successful. You can’t shine like a sun if you’ll not bear risks and face challenges.

Moral of the story

Never afraid of challenges and struggle. Challenges make you strong and brave. The more challenges you’ll face the more it will become easy to handle it. Challenges are part of life and meant for learning.

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