What should I learn from failure in life?

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Failure? Do you afraid of it? Well, I was. But as I realized that failure is nothing but a path that leads to success then I stopped worrying about it.

In this post, I would like to share my experience on 5 things I have learn from failure and I’m sure no one is going to tell you about this.

You’re lucky enough to get all this stuff for free. So, let’s begin:

What is the definition of failure for you? (Tell me in the comment box)

For me, failure is giving up your dreams and never trying again.

See, there are two types of people, one who tries repeatedly after every failure. The other is one who quit after the first failure. Which one are you?

I know you’re the second person who doesn’t quit after failures. After all, you’re my friend. Lol. So let’s begin and learn 5 lessons of failure:

You need to work harder

learn from failure

Not a hundred, not thousand but millions of people are working hard day in and day out.

Do you think you can stand out from the crowd?

Of course, you can. If you’re willing to work harder.

I know you have put enough effort to get the work done and I respect your hard work but you failed to accomplish it (and most of the time I failed too). Failure teaches that you need to put more effort because if it was easy then anyone would have done it.

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Hard work is involved everywhere and you can’t get rid of it. In fact, trying to get rid of hard work shows that you’ve no will to succeed. Come on my friend you have to work harder because it’s about your dreams. You can’t just turn back halfway.

What is my experience regarding hard work?

Well, I have tried to work harder and I’m proud I did. But, after a few weeks, I was feeling completely exhausted and tired.

At that time, I realized that It’s best to take leave from the working schedule and rest. It’s important because you’re a human, not a machine. Rest is equally as important as working.

Humbleness can be learned from failure

learn from failure

Failure creates anxiety, frustration, and stress but it also teaches us to be humble.


Well, failure delays your success that develops your character, you learn patience, and you become humble towards those who helped you in bad times.

I had faced that situation where everything goes wrong and you think “why me?”

Tears roll down your eyes and you think that everything was over now. There seems no way to get out of that situation, you cry for the whole day, didn’t talk to anyone, didn’t eat your dinner at all.

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Such situations are deep heartbreaking but once you get victory over your failure all situations become non-sense and you laugh on yourself that how silly you were crying all day long.

Be humble and have a positive attitude because it is important to succeed in life. Successful people are not humble because they’re successful, instead, they’re humble that why they’re successful.

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Failure is a best friend

learn from failure

I know failure creates frustration but believe me it’s your friend. No, it’s a best friend actually.


It’s because it stops you from going in the wrong direction.

Let’s take a simple example: Suppose you’re given the challenge to build a roof. Let’s assume that you’re a beginner having no knowledge of roof building but you accept the challenge.

You start building the roof, but soon you realize that it’s impossible to build a roof as it can’t hang in the air. You think that it’s impossible and quit.

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Here, you have accepted that you’ve failed. Failure has stopped you from working in the wrong direction. And if you’re intelligent enough then you’ll accept it and find new ways to complete the task.

A best friend will never let you go in the wrong direction and so does the failure. It means that it’s your best friend who is always available to help you.

Learn from failure to find new ways to work

learn from failure

As you have seen in the above example that your failure has stopped you from moving forward, as a result now you’ll find new ways to finish your work and win the challenge.

Here, your target will still be “Roof building” But as the older method didn’t work you’ll try a new method.

So, can I assume that you’ll make the base and four walls first? (Haha tell me in the comment)

Before you begin to find new methods of working, you have to accept that some methods didn’t work but there are others that will work definitely.

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 Life is never stable and there exists nothing like settled life because you have to continually work for everything, rest is a different thing. There is no perfect time to work.

I shouldn’t be telling you this but I have seen many people who wait for the perfect time to be happy mostly they say, “If I’ll achieve this I’ll be happy. If this…. If that….”

Oh! Come on keep working with happiness it will boost your speed. Don’t wait for the things to be perfect because it’s never going to happen.

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Failure lessons Make you a strong person

Do you wanna be a strong person, ah?

Go and fail harder.

Failure makes you a strong person. It increases your mental toughness that helps to sort out the petty problems of life.

Moreover, it develops your courage to fight with the worse situation. I know you’re a strong person who didn’t afraid of failure and you people are the source of my inspiration.

Remember. People who never lose hope even in the worse situation, they definitely succeed in life.

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Solutions to many problems can be learned from failure

learn from failure

Most people afraid of petty problems and they think, “why I have got this problem?

They don’t have solutions to small problems, they seek others for help. Oh come on, your courage is bigger than problems. Learn to solve those problems of your own.

Don’t seek others for your help.

A person who has failed in life has the best advice available to him. It is also the benefit of failure that you learn many solutions to many problems.

So, don’t think that failure is inferior. You may cry for a whole day, but from the next day, you have to get up and chase your dreams again.


I think you have no other option available.

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Wrapping up

In the end, I would like to conclude that failure is not your enemy but it’s your best friend that gives you new directions that ultimately leads to success destinations.

However, in this process don’t forget yourself, don’t forget to be happy. I know it’s easy to be happy nowadays but a strong person finds happiness in every situation.

Tip for success: Learn every day and apply that new knowledge as soon as possible.

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