Is it possible to be alone and happy?

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Today in this post, I’m going to share my opinion on the question “Is it possible to be alone and happy?” For some people, being alone may be a nightmare for them. They can’t live a single second without a partner.

They always need someone to whom they can talk and share their thoughts and feelings. However, do you know that some people are there who, enjoy loneliness and they don’t need anyone?

They are rarely seen in public places. You may say that they are obsessed with being alone. They love their own company.

However, a fact states, “Being alone for a long time may lead to depression.” However, If it’s true then how some people spend most time alone and are still healthy and happy?

Enjoying our own company is not as easy as playing marbles. If you’re a regular reader then you might have noticed that I have used the word “Mindset” In most of the posts.

Here, your mindset plays an important role, your vision is very important. I personally hate to go to crowded places. Instead, I love to read books alone in my room.

Okay, so what the question asks, “Is it possible to be alone and happy?”

Yes, it is possible to be alone and happy. But, how someone can be happy while being alone? There are many possible ways that will make you happy even in your alone time.

In fact, many people wish to be alone. See, alone having its own pros and cons. But, here we are going to focus on the pros only.

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Pros of being alone

  1. You are away from distractions and negativity.
  2. Being alone makes the environment silent where you can focus on the most important task.
  3. You can introspect and work for self-improvement.
  4. You don’t need to make fake people happy. In addition, you don’t need to prove anything to anyone.
  5.  You don’t need to create a fake image for anyone. You can be proud of what you are.

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  • All big things have been achieved inside a locked room; you can use this same strategy to become successful.
  • There would be no one to give your orders. You’ll be your own boss.
  • Meditation is a powerful weapon that can change a life if done right in a peaceful environment. Thus, being alone a good opportunity to change your life.
  • You can fail. Yes, you can fail many times, and there would be no one to make fun of your failure. You can learn from them and move on.
  •  You’ll become brave and powerful because your brain will tend to think that powerful people live alone like a lion.

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Here, we have talked about the pros of being alone. Let’s now discuss how someone can be happy while being alone?

 There are many ways to be happy alone time. Some of them are briefly discussed below:

Reading books

This is the most common but powerful method to be happy. The most successful people in the world use it. They read books for many hours alone. This is also the one possible way of their success.

is it possible to be alone and happy
Woman reading a book

You can pick any book and read it while being alone. I personally prefer the storybook because it has many funny and interesting pictures.

However, the imagination of the story is the thing I love so much. Imagining the characters, scene and background are somewhat interesting and make me happy.

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How to be Happy Alone: A single’s guide to a satisfying life

However, if you are interested in space and astronomy then you can enjoy much and stay happy in your loneliness because everybody wanted to explore the dark secrets of the universe.

It sounds good. You can imagine planets of different shapes and sizes, the size of the galaxies. How many stars are there? Etc. See, it’s so much fun.

Reading is also considered good for your brain. It’s like an exercise.

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Drawings and paintings

is it possible to be alone and happy
Sketch made by hand

I personally love making creating sketches and drawing in my spare time. When you’re left alone your brain process many creative thoughts, thus, if you’ll particularly focus on drawing sketches and scenes you’ll get many unique ideas.

 See,  it’s so much fun to play with colors. Drawings are ways to make your mind more and more creative.

Composing music

I’m not a musician and I have never tried to compose music. However,  if you’re interested in composing music then it would be better for you to experiment with new tones, music, lyrics.

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Starting is the most essential step that will lead to further development of your skills. Start with whatever the first thing came to your mind and write it down. Also, try to sing it to check if it makes any sense or not.

is it possible to be alone and happy

See, nothing is created at once. Almost everything has evolved to become more and more advanced and complex. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about that.

Stay focused, and keeps practicing every day. Consistency is essential for growth and development. In addition, I know you’ll enjoy it a lot while creating music.

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Why only music? You can start with poems, and then move towards music. I have written some poems, they are not composed well but you can read them.

If I can write poem then anyone in the world does it.

Here, I have shared some topics on which you can compose poems.

  1. Your friends having no sense
  2. The saddest day of life
  3. What do I do in free time?
  4. Who am I?
  5. My laptop

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  • My  smartphone
  • The happiest moment of life
  • The tree set to free
  • Why me?
  •  Sharing is caring

Thinking of 2000 years from now

All the above point has one thing common in them i.e. “Imagination.” So, this point has as well. If you’re interested in knowing about the future that what would happen after 2000 years from now.

Just imagine and draw its picture to have it more clear. You can take the help of the internet to get an overview of future people and technology. See, how interesting it is to think of the future and enjoy it.

 I’m going to do it right now.

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Did you like this post? See, how much fun and happiness this post has given just by reading and if you’ll apply it in real life it would be more interesting. Being alone is good for those who want to grow and develop.

Silence is not the enemy of yours. The most successful and intelligent people spend some time in loneliness to introspect and grow.

Loneliness is very effective it can be proved that why monks live away from the cities and towns. They do it to stay away from the negativity and noise of the people.

You need to rethink over loneliness. It may hurt in the beginning but as you’ll go further it would give you the ultimate pleasure.

Thanks for giving me your precious time. Please share this post with your loved ones.

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