How to improve your concentration and focus in life?

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Do you have big goals? Do you want to become successful and live life the way you want? Do you have already planned your future?

But, do you find yourself easily distracted when you sit to finish your important work?

Do you have ever thought why it just happens with you only? Well, It’s doesn’t happen only with you, but with everybody out there (Including me).

I know what problem you’re facing, It’s the LACK OF CONCENTRATION on which people rarely pay attention to and it’s among the top 5 reasons for failure.                                    

Don’t worry, this post will guide you step by step to help you improve your concentration by the means of short practical exercises.

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How to improve your concentration and focus in life? 1

Lack of concentration can lead to failure in business, not just in business but in every aspect of life. Even the sun rays can’t burn the paper without focus at one point.

Setting new goals every day but unable to finish them due to lack of concentration and focus is so much frustrating that I have felt.

What happens next?

Gradually, your interest in the work declines and you form negative norms about you such as

  1. I’m a useless fellow (negative thought)
  2. Oh, look how smart he/she is (you compare with others)
  3. I can’t succeed  in life (negative emotion)
  4. What people will say (fear)
  5. I’ll quit (The end)

This problem can become even more dangerous. So, let’s start the practical exercises that will help you improve your concentration.

The successful warrior is the average man with laser like focus.

Bruce Lee

Sit in a comfortable chair

It’s a simple exercise can help to improve your concentration and focus.

Sit in a comfortable chair and see how long you can keep still. Watch out for any involuntary muscle moment and consider not making any.

Now sitting on the chair focus on your still body, this task seems easy but it’s not.

Keep your body in relax mode and don’t stress on it. Initially, you should consider doing this exercise for 5 minutes; you can gradually increase the time from 5 to 10 minutes, 10 to 15 minutes, and so on.

The arms exercise can improve your concentration

How to improve your concentration and focus in life? 2

In this exercise, you need a chair. Sit relaxed on the chair with your shoulders back and chin out, now raise your right hand to the level of your shoulder, turn your head to the right and gaze your fingers and try to keep them still for 1 minute.

Do the same exercise with the left hand also. You can turn your palm downwards to make it easy to watch your fingers and keep them perfectly still.

When you’ll start to see your fingers perfectly still for 1-minute increase the time accordingly.

This exercise can help to improve your concentration and focus. Make sure you spare some time to follow this exercise.

Glass full of water

How to improve your concentration and focus in life? 3

Take a small glass full of water and hold it with your fingers. Put the glass directly in your front and keep your arms steady so that no movement of glass will be noticeable.  

Initially, you should do this exercise for 5 minutes then you can gradually increase the time.

I have tried this exercise, initially, my hand was shaking, and I was unable to focus on the glass and steadiness of my hand.

One more problem I had faced is my hand was paining because I was stretching it too much, so make sure you keep your hands in relax position.

Of course, you don’t necessarily need to keep your hand straight. (Keep in relax position)

Right hand exercise

It’s an easy exercise and your hand will not shake as it would in the above exercises. So, what you have to do?

You have to put your right hand on your knee and keep your fingers and thumb closed except the first finger. (shown in the figure below)

How to improve your concentration and focus in life? 4

This finger must be in your front, now you have to move your finger side by side and keep your eyes on the tip of it. This exercise will help to improve your concentration.

Things to remember: Move your finger slowly, or you won’t be able to concentrate on a fast-moving tip.

Using a similar idea, you can create your own exercises and share them with me in the comment.

Heartbeat will improve your concentration

How to improve your concentration and focus in life? 5

This is the other simple yet powerful exercise to improve your concentration. All you have to do is to lie down and relax your body.

Now, concentrate on the beating of your heart. Secondly, focus on the blood flowing from the heart to your feet.

Picture the blood flowing from heart to your brain. Picture the blood flowing to all the organs of the body.

If, any of your body parts feel weak and will that an extra supply of blood shall go there. For instance, if your eyes feel weak, picture the blood flowing from the heart to your eyes. In this way, you can increase your strength.

To make this process more effective you can repeat this phrase every morning and night “Every cell in my body thrills with life, every part of my body is strong and healthy

Practice talking before a glass

How to improve your concentration and focus in life? 6

Mark two points on the mirror at the level of your eyes, think them as two human eyes, and focus on them.

Now, stand erect, make your head and body still. Don’t let them move. Imagine how a confidence man or woman will look like.

Don’t let your appearance deteriorate your focus.

While standing in front of the mirror practice deep breathing and ensure there is plenty of fresh air available in the room.

Soon, you will feel yourself in peaceful and powerful situation. You can practice this exercise everyday for 5 minutes.              

This exercise will also help you to build confidence in you.

Better sleep practices

How to improve your concentration and focus in life? 7

Most people find it difficult to sleep at night. This exercise will add double benefit to your life.

  1. It will help to improve your concentration
  2. You can sleep well

In this exercise, again you need a glass full of water. Now, put that glass on the table in your room.

What you have to do?

Focus on the water and see how calm it is. Imagine, it’s calmness and indulge yourself in this process.

Soon you’ll feel that every cell of your muscle is getting relaxed and you’ll be able to sleep.

This exercise helps a lot for those who face hard times in sleeping. An average person should sleep for 6 to 8 hours.

A quality sleep can definitely help you recharge your mind and body; increase your productivity and creativity.

Watch yourself during the day

To improve your concentration it’s much needed that you watch yourself during the day.

What does it means?

It means that you should avoid making any useless gestures. Don’t tense your body in any way.

Keep every part of your body relax while working. Cultivate a self poised manner. It’s a mental feeling that can help improve your concentration.

It has been seen that during the day, many involuntary muscles movement happens, you have to stop them merely by saying, “I will not move”

Using this exercise you can improve your concentration also you can control your mind.

The power of concentration

How to improve your concentration and focus in life? 8

I have summarized these practical exercises from the book THE POWER OF CONCENTRATION written by Theron Q. Dumont.

The book is not just limited to these 8 practical exercises but has a total of 19 practical exercises to improve your concentration.

Besides these exercises it also has important chapters, some that I have mentioned below:

Some Chapters from the power of concentration

  1. Concentration can help overcome bad habits
  2. Concentration can give mental poise
  3. Business results gain through concentration
  4. Concentrate on courage
  5. Concentrate on wealth
  6. How concentrated thought links all humanity together.
  7. Concentration the silent force that produces results in all businesses.
  8. How concentration can fulfill your desire.

It has 20 chapters focused particularly on Improving concentration in various fields, through various examples and practical exercises.

You can check out the eBook below.

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