I’m alive says my heart on the eve of New Year 2022

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“Happy New Year,” says the whole world to me.

But my heart and brain are in sorrow – thinking about the resolution that I’d set in the beginning of 2021.

Everything that I’ve written in my diary are still there waiting in a long queue to get completed.

All my goals with tears in their eyes are asking me just one question, “Why we’re incomplete even after 1 year.”

And truly I’ve no answer to their question.

A conflict between my heart and brain is going on. The brain is roaring on my heart, “It’s all because you have shown him (the writer) the wrong direction. I’ve told him many times to focus on the goals. But you’ve always, derailed him from the track, just because you were seeking pleasure not satisfaction. You and only you’re responsible for this.”

My heart is sad and it didn’t said anything because he knows that what brain has said is true. He is guilty on his deeds. But it can’t be reversed.

Time just goes forward, it is powerful, and it rewards the person who copes with it and punishes those who doesn’t.

Whatever happened has happened, the time that has slipped is not going to come back.

But time is not merciless, it gave many chance to a person before punishing him. And again it has given one more chance to me, to you and to all those who’ve not achieved anything the previous year.

You don’t need to set another resolution, just work on your existing goals and complete them one by one.

Your goals are waiting to be completed. You’re the only support for them. They are helpless, they can’t ask another person to complete them.

They’re your responsibility.

Whatever comes to your way just break it with your bare hands, and let it know that you’re not weak.

You can complete them; you can live the life of your dreams. But to achieve all those goals you have to start small and work consistently throughout the year.

Then only you can achieve your goals.

In this process, your heart and brain need to coordinate with each other.

It doesn’t matter who stands with you and who do not.

If your heart and brain are cooperating with you, then you don’t need anyone else.



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