I am small though I am unconquerable.

Once upon a time, there was a tiger named DOX. His size was bigger than the other tiger. He was very arrogant of his size. One day he was passing through the forest, suddenly he saw the king of the forest, the lion.

The King was unwell. He was going to see the doctor, a tortoise.

DOX ran and went near the Lion and challenged him. Since the lion was unwell, he rejected the challenge. However, DOX didn’t allow him to go. He said, “If you want to go. You have to bend on your knee.”

The lion was in hurry thus he bends towards DOX. DOX’s arrogant increased more.

He declared himself the king of the forest. He called a gathering of animals and announces that he’ll rule the forest. He told the whole incident happened between him and the lion.

The animals were afraid. They thought that DOX will wipe out the forest.

From day one, Dox’s started creating problems for the others. He demanded a lot of things from other animals.

His fear was increasing gradually. The animals were helpless. They held a secret meeting to find a solution to this problem.

Everyone was giving their own opinion. Someone of them said, “How can we forget our kind king? Let’s go to him and ask for help.”

[Everybody liked his idea]

I am small though I am unconquerable. 1

They went to the king that night. The king was looking unwell. However, they told the whole story to him and ask for help.

Everybody was shocked to hear the answer, “I’m not well, and I can’t help you. You have to do everything of your own.”

Everyone return empty hand. They return to their meeting place. They were fearful and sad as well.

However, the rabbit said, “We have to find the solution of our own. Come with me, we’ll challenge DOX for the fight.”

Nevertheless, no one was ready to go with him. He decided to go alone. The rabbit went to the DOX and challenged him for the fight.

The DOX heard the rabbit’s voice and laughed, “Ha…ha…ha… you small creature. Look at your size. Go home and play marbles.”

The rabbit replied, “Others may have fear of you. Nevertheless, I don’t know what fear is.

I challenge you for the fight. If you’ll win you can rule this forest. However, if I’ll win you’ll have to leave this forest forever.”

DOX took his word seriously and said, “Okay! I accept your challenge. We’ll fight tomorrow in the mid of the forest.”

I am small though I am unconquerable. 2

[The rabbit had challenged the DOX but he didn’t know, How he’ll defeat him.]

The night passed away. The next morning, the rabbit got ready for the fight. The DOX was already present there. The field was empty no one was there. There was a strange silence in the field.

The DOX shouted, “What are you waiting for. No one is going to arrive here. Come on and fight with me. I’m ready to smash you.”

The rabbit got ready. The fight started. DOX hit the rabbit with his paws and the rabbit hurt badly. However, he gathered his power. He was barely able to stand.

The DOX heard some noise. The whole animals gathered around the field. They cheer for the rabbit.

DOX was again ready to hit him with his paws. However, a small and slow creature [The tortoise] entered in the field.

He said, “Stop! I’ll fight in place, my friend.” DOX agreed. He laughed and said, “I don’t care, I have the power to defeat all of you. No one can defeat me.”

The DOX got ready to fight with the tortoise. Everybody cheered for the tortoise. DOX hit the tortoise with his paws.

The tortoise abruptly hides in his shell.

I am small though I am unconquerable. 3

DOX’s attack failed. He tried repeatedly. The tortoise didn’t leave his place. Within a few minutes, DOX got tired and he was full of sweat.

He stopped his attack. The tortoise came out of his shell. He bites the DOX’s leg.

DOX cried with pain. The tortoise bites all his legs. At last, DOX said, “I accept my defeat. Please leave me. I’ll leave this forest forever.”

The tortoise stopped. He ordered him, “Go away and never came back to our forest.”

DOX felt ashamed of his work. He left the forest. The other animals cheered for the tortoise and for the rabbit.

The rabbit was taken to the doctor [another tortoise]. He treats the rabbit’s wound. The rabbit was feeling good.

The happiness was back again in the forest. The lion appreciated their work and rewarded them for their brave act.

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Magical words

  • Together we can defeat any problem.
  • No one is small. We should serve everyone with respect.
  • If we have power. We should use it to help others.
  • Be humble. Humble people are respected everywhere.

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