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Hustlers, are you all sleeping?

Everyone in this world is showing himself as a powerful person. A boy of 19 years with his two-wheeler roaming on the road, he is showing himself as a hero.

Nevertheless, he has no identity but his guts are like a superman. I think you all hustlers are sleeping in your rooms.

A taxi driver with no educational degree is earning more than you are, can’t you see this. You call yourself a hustler. I think you have an educational degree. Can’t you earn more than him?

Hustlers you have all the required knowledge but still you’re aren’t doing anything.

A boy having a fake girlfriend is showing himself as a powerful person but he is not. And you all hustlers are watching this nonsense every day. Are you all sleeping?

Most people have nothing with them and they think that they are powerful. They are trying to dominate hustlers like you.

Young boys and girls are buying jeans, T-shirts, shoes and much more using the money earned by their parents.

They are showing their fake power. Wait I have forgotten something. They are buying new smartphones every month. And you hustlers, Are you all sleeping?

Can’t you see these fake people around you? They are nothing in front of you. But, I think all hustlers are sleeping.

A man with a small job is making fun of your dreams, what are you doing? How can you tolerate these words?

Now the time has come to prove the world that no one is above the hustlers. Hustlers have supreme power in the world.

You have to dominate these fake people. Make them feel small in front of you. Double your efforts, double your knowledge.

Increase your power, this world should know that hustlers are not sleeping they’re just warming up.

And when the time will come they’ll show their supreme power. Let the fake people show off. Fake people are necessary for life.

Use them to fuel your hustle. Keep your motivation level charged up to 100%. Don’t fear of fake people.

Let that boy be with his girlfriend. He’ll feel ashamed when he’ll meet you. Hustlers keep smiling and working in silence.

You’re soon going to beat everyone. Your time is coming soon. This world will read your success story on Forbes, Watch videos on YouTube, your interviews in newspapers and finally your quotes on Instagram.

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7 replies on “Hustlers, are you all sleeping?”

Everyone should sleep for at least 6 hours. But for hustlers, 4 hours is enough. though it can’t be achieved in one day. You’ll need to slowly develop this habit.
By the way thanks for reading and comment.
Have a great day you great hustler.

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