6 proven ways to wake up early at 4:00 A.M

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In my yesterday’s post, you have read about the benefits of waking up early at 4:00 A.M. However, I haven’t told you the steps, which will help you to wake up early in the morning.

Mostly it happens that people plan to wake up early in the morning.

However, with the passage of time, they find it difficult to do so. Their motivation disappears and they start following their old schedule i.e. waking late in the morning.

This post is going to be helpful for you as it contains the points that will help you in waking up early at 4:00 A.M. Let’s begin.

Tips to wake up early at 4:00 A.M

1. Place the alarm clock away from you

The first and foremost work you have to do is to set alarm either in your phone or table clock. People often complete this setup.

However, when the alarm rang in the morning they hit the snooze button and continue to sleep.

Therefore, it’s required to place the alarm clock away from you. It will make you jump out of your bed to stop it.

Moreover, when you’ll be doing so your sleep will have disappeared.

 2. Always choose a good tune for the alarm in phones

If you’re using your smartphone to set an alarm. Then use should consider using pleasant tunes because unpleasant tunes can frustrate you. It will make your mood off which is not good for you.

It will make you lazier and you’ll never wake up. I’ll suggest you use the song that you often sing.

3. Sleep early to wake up early

“Early to bed and early to rise…” is an old but strong and powerful method that will make you wake up early in the morning. Thus, you should try to sleep at 11:00 P.M. to wake up at 4:00 A.M.

However, it’s not necessary for you to do so. Instead, you can sleep earlier or later which fits good for you.

The only alarm is not enough to make you jump out of the bed. Your will power plays an important role in it. Thus, upcoming points internal factors.

4. Think about your goals

Take a few days to train your mind that you can only complete your goals of you’ll wake early in the morning. Your mind and brain will start understanding it, which will make the work easy for you.

Your goals are your great motivation. Thus, you should train your brain for it. In addition, you’ll find that it really works best for you.

5. Your competitor will steal everything from you

The brain gets afraid and when it came to know, that something bad is going to happen.

Thus, if you somehow make your brain understand that someone is out there who is working very hard to steal everything from you.

If you’d be able to do so. I don’t think you’ll need an alarm clock to wake up early in the morning at 4:00 A.M.

6. You have to prove them wrong

Listen you have to prove them. They are laughing at you.

They think that you can’t do anything great in your life. Just jump out of your bed and hustle. Hustle until you achieve your goals.

Keep the fire burning in your heart.

This fire will motivate you to move ahead in worse situations.


After reading this post I think you may have understood that all the powers are embedded within you.

You don’t need external factors to push you ahead in your life. If you could properly use your willpower, you’ll be able to jump out of the bed without any alarm clock. You can work according to your plans.


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