How to use your spare time efficiently

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Most of the time you stuck in the dilemma on How to use your spare time efficiently. Some of you may already be using your spare time efficiently.

However, if you don’t know what to do with your spare time.

 Keep reading this post and you’ll come to know about any unknown things you can do in your spare time.

Using your spare time efficiently is not easy. Many people waste their spare time on irrelevant things. Do you know? You can use your time in creating more values for your life.

Learn new things in your spare time

Most people think that learning is limited to schools and colleges. However, it’s not true. Learning is a continuous process.

You have to keep learning and increasing your knowledge. Your knowledge will help you to cope with the changing environment.

    You can create more sources of income by your knowledge. Knowledge is most important in order to make money. A person without knowledge can’t handle a harsh situation.

    Don’t relate the learning with a college degree. It’s completely different from it. Anyone can learn and gain knowledge without going to any school and college.

    Put your spare time in acquiring new skills

    How to use your spare time efficiently
    Acquire New skills

    This point is the extension of the first point. Theoretical knowledge comes first then practical.

    After you have complete knowledge of a thing that is new to you and it requires some effort.

    Then don’t hesitate to do so. You have to acquire that new skill as soon as possible.

    Your skills play an important role in your income. Either after learning that new skill you can teach it to some other people, online or offline.

    It will increase your income. If you’re already a job person you can earn a side income for yourself which is a better choice.

    Start your own blog for the spare time

    A blog is a great way to share your thoughts with your friends and the world. If you have knowledge in a particular area, you can share it with everyone.

    Moreover, you can earn a passive income from it. Passive income is an income that makes money while you sleep.

    It’s a better choice for those who got enough spare time. However, let me tell you one thing blogging is not easy especially if you want to earn income.

     Your blog needs enough traffic regularly in order to earn. However, if you just want to share your thought you can do it for free.

    There are many platforms such as WordPress and Blogger where you can create your blog for free and share your post with your friends on social media.

    I’m personally a great fan of WordPress which has a large community and it will help you to grow instantly.

    Plan your investment in your spare time

    Don’t allow your money to rest in your bank account. Invest that money in various schemes or in the stock market.

    Your money will make you more money, which is good for your financial condition.

    You need to do a lot of research on where to invest. Use your spare time and plan how much amount you want to invest in a particular scheme.

    Investment is a great way to increase your money. However, some of the schemes may be risky.

    Your knowledge about investment is necessary. However, if you don’t know anything about the investment you can consult to any financial advisor.

    Moreover, you can purchase this book from Amazon -> “The Intelligent Investor”

    You can innovate in your spare time

    How to use your spare time efficiently
    Be Creative

    If you have some crazy, ideas to try out you can do it with your friends or alone whatever the way you like.

    Many things have invented by mistake. Maybe you can become the next Newton. It will cost nothing to try out your new ideas.

    You shouldn’t feel bad for yourself if you failed because failure is a part of life and way to success. You should be satisfied that you have tried at least.

    Many people just think but never try something new because they are not as brave as you they fear change and love comfort zone.

    More things to do in your spare time

    1. Display your paintings in the exhibition.
    2. Create your own music.
    3. Help your friends in need.
    4. Participate in games to earn prizes.
    5. Create and share your own quotes.
    6. You can make videos in your interested area


    Time is the most precious and powerful jewelry in the world. If you can cope with it, you’ll be successful and the opposite is true as well.

    You should never waste your time. People often waste their time because they feel laziness and lack of motivation.

    You should look for the ways to keep yourself motivated else you can’t do anything in your lifetime.

    Everyone is rich because everyone has 24 hours. However, the real rich are the people who use their time efficiently.


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