12 effective ways to stop procrastinating and leading a successful life

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Procrastination is a serious problem but, you can easily stop procrastinating with the following 12 best tips and finish your important work.

1.     Use your will power

You have to make your willpower stronger to tackle procrastination.

Take a piece of paper and write in bold letters “Things I shouldn’t do” and list all the items you shouldn’t do.

Now stick it to your room’s wall and read it every day.

This practice will rewire your mind and, you’ll notice a significant increase in your willpower.

2.     Think about the work

Think about the work for 2 minutes before you start doing it.

Your mind will make you ready to take action, which can reduce the chance of procrastination.

3.     Don’t lose control over your mind.

Your mind is the powerhouse I have already told in my previous posts. You don’t have to lose control over it.

Do remember, your life is in your hands and, you can make it the way you want. So, take control of your hands and start your work.

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4.     Use the 5-second rule.

Before you start your work, count from 5 to 1 and jump to working at once before another thought tells you, “Why you shouldn’t do that work?”

The Author Mel Robin has shared this rule in her book “The 5 Second Rule.”

5.     Be grateful for what you have.

how to stop procrastinating

Practice gratitude every day and write affirmations in your journal every day.

It will keep you motivated, filled with energy that you can use to stop procrastinating habit and finish your important goals.

Your list of affirmations may include the following:

  • My brain is smart that helps in the worst situation; it also helps – me to learn new things faster.
  • I’m an active man person who finishes his/her work before the deadline.
  • I’m a positive person.
  • I control my life, and I chose what happens to me.

You can add more to it. Read aloud every sentence after you finish writing your affirmations.

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6.     Don’t overthink.

Don’t overthink anything because it will cause nothing but stress. Jump directly at your workplace and start doing your work without giving a second thought to it.

7.     Plan your next day in advance

Create a list of things you have to finish tomorrow and read them aloud before you sleep at night.

This step will set goals in your mind and will stop your procrastination habit.

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8.     Use the Pomodoro technique.

how to stop procrastinating

Download a timer app and set a timer for 25 minutes, and start doing your important work.

After the 25 minutes, take rest for 5 minutes, and then restart the timer for 25 minutes and work.

Repeat this cycle until you finish your important work.

This technique will help you achieve your goals in less time; it will also help you stop your procrastination habits soon.

Learn more: https://francescocirillo.com/pages/pomodoro-technique

9.     Be accountable to someone.

You have to be accountable to someone he/she may be your best friend or any other relative.

What does being accountable to someone mean?

Being accountable to someone means you have to report to someone about your goals, the progress you made daily.

The step will help you finish your important work without even further delay.

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10.Set deadline for every work

You have to set a deadline for each work you do.

In this way, you can bind yourself in the time, and your mind will focus on your work to get it done before the deadline.

11.Create a schedule and clearly define your goals

12 effective ways to stop procrastinating and leading a successful life 1

Creating a schedule is very important as it helps you to track your work with ease.

You have to create a schedule, which is not too hard to follow.

In your schedule, you have to write your goals clearly, so that you won’t get confused later.

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12.Think what great things you have achieved

You can think about what great things you have achieved in your life.

 It will act as a motivation that will help you stop procrastination and finish your important work.

Author David Goggins in his book “Can’t hurt me: Master your mind and defy the odds.” call the Jar of your cookies.


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