5 powerful ways to motivate others and lead them

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Motivation is something that everyone out there, at some point in life, needs it.

Whether you’re a team leader or manager, you can always motivate others and help them achieve their goals as well as yours. So, how to motivate others?

1.     Give them the ‘vision’ you have

Big visions always work for people who feel de-motivated every day. Show them the ‘vision’ you see and let them feel it.

Tell them what you feel and how your vision can help them achieve their personal goals.

2.     Be patriotic

how to motivate others

Patriotic power is supreme power. You can give a patriotic vision to your team members and show them how your organizational goals are going to benefit your country in the future.

How your vision will make your country stand out of the crowd?

Please don’t give a false vision to your team member because they will lose motivation and trust in you.

It could negatively affect the future of your goals and may eventually close your business forever.

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3.     Speak less and work more

As a team leader, you have to work more than your team members do. It will inspire your team to take massive actions and achieve every single goal of your company.

4.     Connect with them on a personal level

You have to connect with your team on a personal level. You have to identify problems and tell them what things can change their life.

Show them how a simple step every day can change their life in the future.

5.     Show them their potential.

how to  motivate others

You have to show them the following things:

  1. What makes them unique?
  2. How they’re different?
  3. What potential they have?
  4. How they’re valuable to you and your company?
  5. And what can they become in the future?

Showing them the above potential will require a mere observation by your side so that you can identify the potential of your member and give them the right advice.


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