How to make friends online

Human is a social being. We like to have a company with others. However, there are people who spend their whole life without friends because most of them didn’t know “How to make friends”.

Social media is on the boom and every person is connected with each other through it. This post is for those who need help in making friends online.

However, if you already have friends and you know them personally. Then you can read my post “How to make relationship stronger” If you’re ready then Let’s start.

Some safety tips to know before making new friends online.

I’m sharing some tips on ‘How to stay safe online from Bad guys?’ Everyone is using social media. There’s no doubt some will try to catch you in the trap. You’ll need to be safe from such people. Just follow the following simple steps.

Don’t trust easily

Trust is very important in one’s life. The simple rule is that never break anyone’s trust. However, there’s one more rule which states that “Never trust people easily.”

Do you already have friends? Then you need to keep this point in mind. Sometimes they share irrelevant posts that have no meaning. You have to identify such people and whenever you found them just simply use the block button.

You have a sharp mind. You’re capable of thinking of yourself. Just observe carefully and you’ll know the difference between the real and fake posts.

Say ‘No’ if he/she asks these questions

If you have friends, you know personally then you’re a bit safe. However, if your list has some foreign friends, then you need security.

The simplest rule is that say ‘No’ if they’re asking a question they didn’t need to know. Such people might be dangerous for you. Not all but for some people, it’s absolutely true.

If you need extra security just block them from your account settings. Making foreign friends is not a bad thing. However, you have to be safe from that 1% threat.

Identify a Good or Bad person before making him a friend.

Nowadays, it’s not easy to find the wrong person because people show themselves as a gentle, kind and humble person. However, I can help you in this matter.

The simplest way to identify wrong people is by looking at the kind of posts they share. Alternatively, the kinds of profile pictures they have. However, sometime it could be a trap. I have already told that some people show themselves as a gentle person. However, they’re not.

Now I think you’re ready to make friends online. Let’s move towards the steps.

Steps to make friends online

Here are a few and simple tips to make friends online. The steps are simple. However, these are very effective.

Always Share useful posts with your friends

Useful posts are more effective than, those related to entertainment because they add more value to one’s life. Your friends will make you a source of knowledge and like to hear more from you.

Useful posts tend to receive more shares and engagements. It will be beneficial for you as your post will be shared and reach more people. In addition, more people will like to add you as their friend.

Be humble while replying to their comments

Use humble words to reply to their comments. Your words and sentences should have feelings. It should touch their hearts. You’ll gain more attention from them.

A sentence is enough to tell your personality to others. Your humble reply will make you a respectful person in your friend’s eyes. Moreover, they’ll always be ready to help you.

It’s just a simple thing and I think most of you are already doing. However, you could improve more and more there’s no end.

Like and comment on their useful posts

People often read and like the posts, it’s a common thing. However, studies show that comments make relationships better. It will strengthen your friendship.

Join popular and useful groups for new friends

Groups consist of a large number of people. You can join groups of your wish. However, make sure to share your posts and comment on other’s posts. You can learn many new things and meet new people.

Groups have foreign people as well, and I think you’ll be interested to make them your friend.

I have seen many groups related to motivation and knowledge. However, they share irrelevant posts and people often enjoy them. They forget their purpose and change their tracks.

If you want a new group of positive people, you can join this Facebook group -> Inspiration and motivation. Moreover, you can share your useful posts here.

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Now I think you’re able to make new friends online. Just keep these points in mind, you’ll find great people online. You can make foreign friends too.

However, never exchange your privacy for friendship because when lose occurred, it harms only you not others. If you’re not interested in foreign people then just follow people you know personally. You’ll be happy.

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