5 terrific ways that has helped many people improve their average personality

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Have you ever seen people who talk very confidently with others, who easily become friends of others?

They look intelligent, attractive, and smart. And other people became mad for them.

And it makes you jealous (LOL) you wanna be like them. You want to reduce your shyness and become confident.

In short, you want to improve your personality. So, let’s move ahead and get to know the 5 best ways on how to improve your personality insanely.

Decide today itself

The first step towards improving your personality starts from deciding that you don’t want to live a mediocre life and want to improve.

Taking this step is necessary because most people remain confused about whether they should take steps to improve or not.

They are stuck in a dilemma because it takes a lot of effort to improve one’s personality. Moreover, there’s a fear of “what other people will think?”

Personality improvement involves changes in the way you talk, the way you walk (Nope), and the way you behave.

So, if you’ve mentally prepared yourself for the criticism you’re going to receive from your family or friends then let’s dive into the steps.

Become shameless

You have to become shameless because you’re going into learning mode.

A shameless person (in learning) can experience more growth than a person who feels shy to learn new things.

Become shameless and close your ears to negative criticism, don’t listen to what others are saying, don’t see what others are doing, don’t pay attention to what’s happening in the world.

Put your focus on improving your personality. Do things that could help you improve your language, your behavior, and your thoughts.

Work on building your confidence

What are the things that make a person attractive?

No doubt, it’s their confidence.

When you talk with confidence, it lays a positive impact on the person listening to you.

A positive vibe is released from your body, which makes you more attractive. People just can’t stop themselves from listening to you.

So, the first thing is to work on building your confidence. So, what are the best ways to build confidence?

Well, I have a post for you. You can read it here.

Do friendship with the person you wanna like them

This may sound crazy because you might be envious (LOL) of that person’s personality.

But this is the best way to improve. When you hang out with confident people, you acquire some of their personality traits.

Your friend circle matters the most, you can choose what’s right for you, however, I will recommend you to do friendship with the guy you wanna be like.

It will be uncomfortable for some days to hang out with a person opposite of you but as you continue to stay with them, you’ll notice gradual changes in your personality.

Become an expert

5 terrific ways that has helped many people improve their average personality 1

What does your expertise have to do with your personality?

Your expertise plays an essential role in your personality.

Have you ever thought about why a salesperson can sell you almost anything? It’s because he/she knows that they’re experts in selling.

How does a public speaker be able to motivate us?

It’s because he/she knows that they’re experts in speaking.

These people are experts in their respective fields, and they have the required knowledge to influence you.

Since they’re experts and they have the knowledge, they can speak confidently and grab your attention.

 So, how to become an expert?

Step 1: Stop chasing multiple goals at a time.

Step 2: Make a list of goals you want to achieve

Step 3: Pick the most loving yet important goal

Step 4: Work every day to learn about it and make practical use of it

Working on one thing at a time can improve your focus and boost your productivity.

Final words

You can achieve any goal that you’ve set for yourself. You have to be consistently working on it without ever thinking about what people will say.

Everybody loves a confident person, and you too can become like one of them. Don’t be envious of such people, be open-minded and learn from everyone.

I hope this post was helpful.

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