11 proven ways to improve your memory and become smart

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You can follow these 10 tips that will help you to improve your memory and make you smarter.

1.     Eat healthy food

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. You should take proper nutrition every day.

Avoid eating junk food because it contains less nutrition and more oil and fats that could affect your health negatively.

If you can’t live without eating junk food, so I would suggest setting a weekly limit for it. Example: One or two days a week.

It may be difficult but you have to stick to this schedule to improve your memory.

2.     Stop overusing your gadget

11 proven ways to improve your memory and become smart 1

Your favorite gadget “Smartphone” is useful if used within a limit.

You should know the fact that smartphones emit radiation, which affects your mental health.

 Your brain may become dull and you could experience malfunctioning of it.

Avoid the following things:

  • Don’t talk for longer with your friends or relatives using your smartphone.
  • Don’t surf the internet unless it’s important
  • Uninstall every social media app from your phone and keep them only on your desktop or laptop
  • Set a time limit for the use of your smartphone. Example: 2 alternative hours a day.

All the same, things apply for the T.V as well; you should limit watching your Television. Sleeping and taking proper rest is better than watching useless content on T.v.

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3.     Take proper rest to improve your memory

You have an invisible battery inside you that starts to drain as soon as you wake up.

I would suggest you finish your important work in the morning first and then take a rest in the afternoon if possible.

It’s not just about rest, it’s about proper sleep which is 6 to 8 hours every day.

Things you can do for a better sleep

  • First, switch off your smartphone and put it away from your bed
  • Avoid late-night work
  • Take a warm bath at night if possible (it will help you fall asleep faster)

Proper sleep is important because your brain gets enough time to recover and recharge your battery for next day use.

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4.     Throw out useless thoughts

11 proven ways to improve your memory and become smart 2

Yes, throw out useless thought out of your head.

Useless thoughts filled your empty mind that leads to the following major problems:

  • No space remains left for creative thoughts
  • You always feel burden and overloaded
  • You feel sleepy

You can easily get rid of your useless thought by writing them down in a piece of paper or your journal.

Maintain a private journal and write down every useless thought. It will free your mind and you can easily take better decisions and improve your memory.

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5.     Be grateful for your brain

If you’re grateful for what you have you’ll get more of it. Practice gratitude every day.

Be thankful for your family, money, and friends, and even for your brain.

It will release positive energy from your body that can help you improve your memory because your mind will start to believe that you have a good memory.

It’s similar to the law of attraction where like energies attract each other.

6.     Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation can improve your memory and help you achieve your goal.

If you have no time for yoga at least meditate every day in the morning for 10 minutes.

It will improve your focus and concentration that will increase your productivity.

Yoga and meditation have more benefits than you think.

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7.     Solve math’s tricky puzzles

Solving math’s tricky puzzles can improve your memory because it requires mental efforts to solve them.

When you stress your brain to solve tricky problems it searches for solutions that enhance your thinking capability and let you improve your memory.

8.     Listen to music in your spare time

Researches show that listening to your favorite music improves your long-term memory.

9.     Do some recreational activities

Recreational activities include drawing, painting, gardening, instrument playing, watching informative videos, etc.

These activities relax your mind, make you happy, and improve your memory.

You should spare time for these activities every day.

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10.Wake up early in the morning

improve your memory

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Exactly, waking up early in the morning makes you wise. Your mind is fresh in the morning, so you should focus on studying and learning new things.

You’ll easily understand them. It works.

If you face problems to wake up early, you should read the book “The 5 A.M. Club.” Robin Sharma is the author.

11. Reading can improve your memory

Read books every day because it will not just improve your memory but will also teach you new words, ideas, and much more.

Every successful people read books every day.

Books are the best friends it’s true because they introduce you to a completely new world.

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