How to have an attractive personality that people admire?

To have an attractive personality you need to take care of certain things. Nobody is going to judge you by your skin color and face.

The world has changed now and many people have become growth oriented in their approach.

They admire people having skills and knowledge.

They don’t care about whether you’re good looking or not.

You can have an attracting personality by giving yourself at least 15 minutes every day.

The best tool that attract people towards you is “Knowledge”

In today’s era, people are hungry for Quick Information because they think that they don’t have enough time to learn and do all the researches from scratch.

So, if you can make their work easy by giving them what they’re looking for – may kinda help you earn money.

What those consulting firms do all day long?

They do the exact same thing. They give advice to people and charge money on hourly basis.

Those consulting professionals have acquired knowledge over a period and now they’re using it to their advantage.

A person with knowledge in various fields looks more attractive than any celebrity.

People have many questions

People have many questions but no one is there to give solutions to them.

You can take advantage of this opportunity and provide information to them via different channels such as YouTube, Website, App etc.

The more people you reach the more you can make money, the more you will learn, and the more you gain confidence.

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Confidence is the ultimate hero

Having knowledge is not just enough. You must convey the information with confidence.

Confidence is the ultimate hero that makes a dumb person looks more attractive.

Confidence and communication are the interdependent on each other.

The more you communicate with people the more your confidence grows.

What knowledge you need?

The quick answer is “Everything”.

You should aim to learn each and everything that attracts you.

Interest is a key factor that helps you acquire knowledge fast. If you’re interested in history start from it and learn everything as much as you can.

What is the benefit of learning about history?

History plays an important role in shaping the future of a society.

Everything that we are doing/using today is directly or indirectly connected to our past.

The mistakes of pasts are a great source of learning. You can also think about the people who were living in the past, what they did for living? how they used to spend their spare time?

You can use your knowledge of history to improve your present by making smart decisions. You can also teach these lessons to other people.

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People are ready to pay

It’s a myth that people do not support new ideas or business.

They do support new businesses if they help them improve their life through either knowledge or physical product.

When you help them solve their biggest problem, they get emotionally attached to you and are always happy to pay you the money.

It’s called the win-win situation.

Start from one industry and expand as you go. On your way, share the knowledge with people as I do on LinkedIn.

Don’t run for fame

The process of making your personality attractive is slow and takes time.

Also, you have to take care of not chasing name and fame.

Most people will try to manipulate you for their advantage but you have to be careful of such people.

Don’t do things to make others happy.

Do things that make you happy.


Knowledge is the ultimate key that makes your personality attractive.

The real education begins when you step into real world. It teaches you everything – it’s you who need to be open for every lesson.

In real world, your observation and critical thinking skill matters a lot. Nobody is going to teach you in this real world, you have to take that initiative.

The ultimate way to improve your personality is to keep learning and keep growing.

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