Growth oriented approach: How to grow in personal and professional life

What is growth oriented approach? How to grow in personal and professional life?

The fact in today’s era is that slowly technology enters in our houses without our permission.

To grow in this era one needs to be open minded – in the sense that you need keep your eyes and mind open to things that are happening around you.

You don’t need mentor or coach to learn anything.

Your environment is the great source of learning.

In this post, I’m going to talk about growth oriented approach.

The life that most people live is tedious because they keep doing the same work for many years. If you love what you’re doing that’s great.

But if you hate your job then you need to think about it the other way.

You have to make your work interesting.

Take your work as a game challenge or mission that you have to complete and upon completion of that game, you would get to learn something new.

 You have to imagine yourself as a superhero that fights with the work challenges everyday and people admire him.

Talk to people about what you’ve completed today and give them some valuable knowledge – doing this everyday will make you popular among your colleagues and friends.

It will also boost your confidence, and your boring work will turn into an interesting one.

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Growth oriented approach

The growth-oriented approach states that you have to learn from everyone – try to see good things in people around you.

Don’t complain about what other people do, you can’t control them.

You can control your behavior and mind so just focus on them only.

How often do you read books?

It’s a good habit to read books every day.

Books give you knowledge that helps you move forward in life and take initiative that are good for you.

The best part about books is that it won’t scold you for reading it again and again unlike our teachers scold us for asking the same questions many times.

Do you motivate yourself?

What’s your motivation that derives you to do the hard work?

In the journey of success there comes a time when nobody stands with you – your friends and neighbor enjoys their life but you’re alone and struggling to make something big in life.

In such times, you have to motivate yourself.

The hate of people must be your fuel that derives you to achieve something big in life.

Don’t think about what others are doing it’s their life. You should focus on doing things that matters to you.

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Do you have friends who are struggling just like you?

Did you say “yes”?

Then hold their hands, because they will be the one who are going to stand for you in the future.

I don’t why everybody like to join the successful person and not the one who is struggling.

The fact is that not many people like to struggle – they just want to enjoy the success even if someone else achieves it.

It’s very tough to find true friends and in just a couple of years you can’t make good opinion about the qualities of a person because many of them are good at hiding what they truly are.

So, you have to be safe as well as growth-oriented in your life.

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Learning and sharing it with others is the growth-oriented approach. Keeping the knowledge limited to you is of no use.

Sharing that knowledge with others will grow your network. And you if you’re interested in connecting with me please join me on linkedin.

Thank you and best of luck.

Learning and sharing are the fastest way to grow, develop, and succeed in life. Hi, I'm Newtan. A passionate copywriter who shares real-life experiences, books lessons, growth, success, and personal development tips.

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