6 Ways: How to find fake friends?

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 We are social beings and love to surround ourselves with people to whom we can chat and share everything that we want to.

Thus, we make many friends. Friends are very important in one’s life because we can share almost everything with them. We spend a good time with friends. However, not every friend is a real friend.

Most of the friends around you may behave like the best or a good friend but the reality may be different. Here I have discussed 6 ways to spot fake friends and stay away from them.

Fake friends always talk bad behind you

fake friends vs real friends

Fake friends love to talk bad behind you. I think it’s their passion (lol). Fake people didn’t care for anyone because they don’t have any emotion attached to others.

Thus, they never feel awkward while using hate speech for others. The way people talk about others tells a lot about their nature. It’s a way to found if your friends talk bad behind you or not.

Such people may be a headache for you. It’s necessary to leave them. I know its hard to leave people on whom you trust a lot. However, my friend, they are not yours.

They are like garbage and you should throw them away in the dustbin. Get rid of fake friends as soon as possible or they will spoil your life.

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Bogus friends show themselves as real friends

Bogus or fake friends are good at acting. They show that they care for you. However, the truth is that they care only for themselves.

Such people will talk nicely when you are around them. They will act as if you mean a lot to their life. The world is very big and no doubt, you’ll find many people who create traps for others and act as if they are helping.

Fake friends will try to prove that they are real. However, I think real friends don’t need to prove it. When the relationship between two people is strong then it can be felt by the heart.

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None of them is required to prove how much they care for each other. Our brain and mind are designed in such a way that it feels uncomfortable when there’s something wrong.

Fake friends will discourage you

fake friends vs real friends

Bogus friends will feel jealous of your good work. They’ll never leave a chance to discourage you. How can you spot bogus or fake friends? It’s simple to spot them.

See, when you’ll come up with a great idea, your phony friends will find any mistake in your idea. They’ll try every possible trick to discourage you.

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The most common thing they’ll say is “You can’t do it, it’s very hard. Drop this idea.” By saying these words, they’ll feel very happy and if you’ll agree with them it will double their happiness.

A real friend, on the other hand, will give you a genuine reason for what’s wrong with your plan. Also, he will get involved with you sort out the problem.

You can try out this method to find if your friends are fake or real.

Phony friends are selfish

There’s no doubt that fake friends are selfish. They will get in touch with you only when they’ll need you. They are busy in their own life.

They’ll show themselves as helpless but after receiving help they never look back at you. It’s good to help others but not to the wrong people.

I know it’s frustrating when you came to know that people around you are selfish. Moreover, selfish people will never help you in bad times. They never wanted to share their things with anyone.

They are the taker, not the giver. Staying away from selfish people is a good idea. Such people and friends often cause stress and frustration that are not good for both mental and physical health.

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Fake friends will never support you       

Real friends are very different from fake and phony friends. They will support you in every situation. They are the true guys who know the meaning of support.

A real friend mostly tries to sort out the problems together. They understand your feelings because of the emotions attached to them. They care for relationships.

On the other hand, bogus friends will act like real friends. However, they’ll never support you. Our brain takes rejections as physical pain.

So, just think about how you’ll feel when you’ll get no support from your friends. I know it’s painful. Thus, it’s necessary to choose your friends wisely.

Before you trust, observe and check if you’re dealing with a good guy or a bad guy.

Bogus friends will feel jealous of you

bogus friends

Jealousy is a disease that ruins relationships. People feel jealous of other’s success, money, talent, etc. However, they forget everything about their relationships.

In good relationship friends and people accepts each other’s strength and drawbacks.

In addition, if they got any confusion with each other they talk on that issue to sort it out as soon as possible because none of them wants to ruin their relationships.

Whereas fake friends didn’t care about relationships they just know how to use people for own benefits.

I don’t think you should mind such small things in your life. Remember this, most people feel jealous because they know that you are better than they are.


Changes are taking place rapidly. People are becoming more and more materialistic. They care for no one. Materials are attracting them like a magnet.

Every relationship is being formed for some purpose. As soon as the purpose is completed, the relationships are broken forever.

Nowadays very few people are left with emotions and feelings. Most people have become selfish. They have eyes left for self-welfare. My friend, you are reading this post and I know you are not like 80% of the world’s population.

You have learned a lot about fake friends. Therefore, never cheat with your friends. Good and real friends are important in life. Be a real and good friend so that no one calls you a fake or bogus friend.

In the end, I would just say that you always choose your friends wisely and stay away from fake and negative friends.


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