Anger management: How to control anger? 10 best tips

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Anger is the most devastating emotion of human beings. It is the root cause of almost every problem.

Anger management is never taught in the school or college. If you ask your teacher or professor how to control anger? They will just avert your question and will tell you to focus on your studies.

The harsh truth is that they don’t even know how to control anger.

The rule of thumb is that only a calm and silent person can progress in life. He will outperform every one who is not mature enough to control their anger.

You will meet different types of people in life. Some will discourage you, some will love and support you, and some will make you angry.

The way you will react to their action will determine how far you can go in life.

The best reply to any question is silence.

Sometimes it is quite reasonable to show your anger. However, doing it at every moment proves that you’re not mature enough.

Don’t let people form negative opinion about you. Now, let’s start our anger management course and learn how to control anger.

Anger management: How to control anger?

Before digging into the steps, first of all let’s know that truth. Anger management is skill which is developed over time.

Don’t expect it to be effective from day. Keep your expectations low and work on managing your anger.

1. Meditation

how to control anger with meditation

Meditation is the solution to almost all mental problems.

Indeed, meditation can help you control your anger and gain better control over your emotions, brain and body.

Why meditation is so powerful?

During meditation we try to bring all our focus to one point, which directly brings our energy to a single point.

And that energy makes us more energetic, charming and calm.

You can learn more about the power of meditation here:

2. Write positive thoughts everyday

how to control anger by expressing anger
Express gratitude everyday

Writing positive thoughts everyday in your notebook can bring positive changes in your life.

Positive thoughts are powerful and they can reduce the stress level and make you happy.

The more positive you feel about yourself the chances of getting angry is very less.

How to write the best positive thoughts everyday?

You can express gratitude towards those who love and support you especially your parents.

Expressing gratitude in itself is a positive experience that boosts your confidence and morale.

However, do remember that being too positive in itself becomes a negative experience.

When you create a hype of positivity around you it increase your expectation from you and when you fail to meet your expectations you become depressed.

In such case, your anger increases as well and you get angry even on small things.

Thus, it very important to keep the balance between your emotions.

3. Avoid loneliness

Anger management: How to control anger? 10 best tips 1

Don’t let the feeling of loneliness take control over your mind. Avoid loneliness as much as possible.

Loneliness is hazardous to your health, which give rise to negative feelings. These negative feelings eats up your brain completely and sometimes it makes you angry.

Loneliness gives birth to other big problem which is jealousy. When you find other people spending time with their loved ones but there’s not a single person who loves you, then you envy from other people.

Loneliness and solitude are two different things. So, let’s understand the difference between them.

Loneliness: When you’re alone doing nothing just wondering about why people don’t like to spend time with you and why nobody loves you is called loneliness.

Solitude: When you’re alone doing your most important work that you love and you don’t want anybody to interfere and you’re doing an incredible job – is called solitude.

A lonely person is sad and a person in solitude is happy.

4. Laughing time

laughing couples

A cheerful person is highly unlikely to get angry on other. The rule of thumb is that you must spare time everyday to spend it with your friends or family.

Fix a time and spend it with your friends or family everyday. You can crack jokes or watch some funny videos.

This advice might sound silly but it’s very effective because once your brain is wired to be cheerful, you become efficient at handling your emotions especially anger.

I personally watch funny cartoon with my family members and believe me it very fun and exciting to spend time with them.

5. Music can control your anger

listening to music

How to control anger with music? Is there any relation between these two?

Yes, there’s a relation between them. Music has the healing power and it can change your mood.

Listening to music everyday for at least 20 minutes at low volume can bring some positive changes in you.

However, a word of caution is that music is addictive and once you’re caught in the vicious cycle of music it would become hard for you to get rid of it.

Hence, you should avoid over-listening to music.

What are the benefits of listening to music other than anger management?

  1. It reduces stress and mental pain
  2. It gives you relief from harsh world
  3. It can make you cheerful
  4. It can make you happy
  5. It boosts your productivity
  6. It makes your relationships better with others

6. The attitude

the positive attitude is everything

How to control anger with good attitude? Is it helpful?

Its true that attitude is everything.

What is attitude?

Well, attitude is the mental picture that you paint about yourself. It can either be positive or negative. In fact, your attitude reflects your inner self and is visible in your action.

You’re free to choose either of them (positive or negative attitude). But positive mental picture is what going to help you in the long run.

A person who feel good about him/her is more likely to perform better in life and has better control over his/her emotions.

People with good and positive attitude are appreciated every where and others always seek to be in the company of such people.

A word of caution is that don’t try to paint picture of the person who you are not in reality.

Always keep it simple and paint only the picture that reflects your reality, who you really are.

You could tell yourself that how hardworking you are or how you finish your work on time and so on.

If you think that you don’t have any qualities that you have got some serious problem and to sue this problem away you have to work hard.

7. Stop overthinking, control your anger

Anger management: How to control anger? 10 best tips 2

It’s good to think and plan for the future. However, when thinking become overthinking, it harms you both mentally and physically.

Overthinking give birth to both anxiety and anger. Hence, you should get rid of it as soon as possible you have got this problem.

To read more on overthinking you could take a look at my friend’s blog post: “How to stop overthinking?”

Why overthinking is dangerous and causes anger?

Our mind is the slave of past and it always plays the pictures that had given pain to us.

This behavior of our brain leads to overthinking that negatively affects our life.

The more you overthink about your past bad experiences the more you become a angry person. Hence, it is advisable to avoid overthinking as far as possible.

8. Don’t feed yourself negative thoughts

cheerful and negative persons

The means of communication has expanded its leg and now it is available in your pocket.

Today we’re surrounded with many information. Some of them are fake, some of them are true, some are positive and most of them are negative.

Our mind is constantly looking for information to feed on. But it doesn’t have installed any filter in it to protect you from negative thoughts and information.

Feeding your mind with negative thoughts give birth to anger. When you read of listen to negative news your brain get stuck to it and you think that world has become unkind, cruel and so on.

Such kind of thoughts are neither good for your growth nor for your mental health.

The company of negative people is also not so good as they try to eat up all your peace and distract you from the path.

Hence, keep an eye on the people you spend most of your time with.

How to control anger? (final thoughts)

There isn’t any emotion which is more dangerous that anger itself.

An angry person could harm others and himself as well. The best way to control your anger is to meditate everyday.

Keep your attitude positive and avoid negative comments of other as far as possible.

Finally, I would like to say that only a cheerful person can grow and achieve success in life and rest will be left behind.


1. What is anger management?

Anger management is a skill that helps to keep you calm even in most stressful situations.

2. How to control anger in life?

Meditation is one of the best ways to control anger in life. In fact, meditation is the solution to almost all the problems.

3. I’m often angry on small things. Is there any problem with me.

No, it’s natural to show anger. However, with meditational practice you can gain better control over your emotions.

4. People often comment on my work. I feel angry. What should I do?

Stay calm and don’t show your anger. Keep smile on your face and reply with sarcasm.

5. Is mediation helpful in anger managment?

Yes, mediation is very helpful in anger management.


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