How to build trust in 6 easy ways?

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How to build trust? Trust! What is it?

I think it’s among the cheapest things in the world. Isn’t it?

Well, I think yes, because – nowadays anyone, anywhere and anytime can break your trust easily without much thinking about you and your relationships or whatever.

I know most of you reading this post have gone through trust break. Well, everything has merits and demerits attached to it.

In this post, we’re going to talk about how to build trust? But before we start just promise me that you’ll never break anyone’s trust.

Trust break” hurts more than anything else does – it directly affects the mental health – because we’re attached to a particular person.

Hey! Don’t you like stories? I’m sure you do. So, please go through the whole article because I have included some best examples in story format.

So, let’s get started and know the 6 best ways on how to build trust.

Be natural with others

women shaking hands

What does it mean to be natural with others?

Well, the meaning is clear. Behave as you usually do. Is it complex?

Okay, let me explain in detail.

Well, some people behave as per their moods. When they are angry they talk rudely and when their happy they act as kind and generous.

In short, you can say that they have a mood swing problem, and it’s the biggest problem because it takes your loved ones away from you.

If you have such a problem, you have to soon, get rid of it. But how?

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Angry, happiness and sadness are all feelings and if you can control your feelings – you can control anything.

  1. Is it possible to control feelings?
  2. Yes, for sure. You can control your feelings through meditation. Meditation is something that you can do anytime, for instance – you can meditate while walking, sitting, lying, etc.

Although, it would benefit more if you can meditate on proper asana. For more information check here: Meditation (Wikipedia)  

This is the biggest problem when it comes to building trust – people often fear to trust those who behave as per their moods– because it’s unpredictable to know about their moods.

So, this is the first step, you have to control your feelings and mood swing.

Be a consultant and help people to build trust

man helping woman

When one of my friend asked me How to build trust? and gave this answer.

Help is what people opt for – especially if it’s free. If you want to build trust in people – you have to become a helping hand for them.

People trust more on those who help them in bad situations and sort out their problems.

Some people act like helping hands but they aren’t in reality. You don’t have to be like them – and I know that you won’t be – after all you’re my friend.

I shouldn’t be telling you this but do you remember that situation where you were left alone and no one helped you.

Even your most loyal friends left you – but one day a stranger helped you to get out of that situation.

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Now you’re here and reading this article. You can’t forget the help offered by that stranger for your entire life.

Now tell me wouldn’t you trust that person?

Of course, you’ll do. I would have done the same thing man.

This is the way a person feels and do in return, so be a helping hand and help people to gain their trust.

Things to remember: You shouldn’t expect something in return for the help you do.

Do not touch others without their permission

no hand gesture

How would you feel if a stranger holds you from back or simply put his hands on your shoulders?

Awful. Right?

So, moral of the story: Do not touch others if you have just met them – even if you have been friends for a few months because it takes time to build trust.

However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll touch them after winning their trust. It’s completely wrong. I condemned such things.

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You’re with them to build great relationships so that both of you can help each other in bad times, share knowledge, etc.

Touch becomes natural when you trust somebody a lot, for example, your childhood friends.

Thus, keep this point in mind; do not touch anyone because you won’t like it – if the same thing would happen with you.

Tell people real-life examples and blow their minds

women talking over smartphone

How to build trust in this manner?

Well, Most people win the trust of others within a few days of meeting them.


Because they talk to others based on true and real-life facts.

Suppose, you met a stranger for the first time, and you both started conversations and the other man is sayings something that you think is known by very few people. 

How would you feel?

Awesome, right?

I’m absolutely right.

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You would naturally think that this person is so talented and always speaks the truth and he will win your trust easily.

You have to do the same thing – and it could be possible only if you have knowledge and wisdom.

And knowledge comes from reading and learning not from playing marbles.

Tell them a lie to build trust

girls walking

What! Newtan are you mad?

Of course not.

How to build trust from a lie?

Relax, it’s is a powerful method to win and build trust. Let’s see how. Suppose, It’s your sister’s birthday and you had promised her to gift a beautiful dress.

Now your sister asks, “Brother did you buy me a present?”

You have already bought the dress but here you told the lie, “Sorry, sister I haven’t bought a dress for you.

Your sister will become angry and she will run into her bedroom – but there she finds a beautifully packed box  – and when she opened it – she founds her beautiful dress.

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Just imagine how she would feel.

Oh my god! She would feel like she is in heaven – smooth violin music is playing everywhere. La la la laaaa la.

She would come back and hug you tightly. Isn’t it? And from now on she would trust you more than ever before.

This is the secret of building trust. Did you get this point? Tell me in the comment.

Things to remember:

Do remember that you have already completed a task before you tell a lie – otherwise only God can save you. Ha Ha Ha…..

Be a gentle person and a little bit serious

gentle man

I know that everyone loves people who crack jokes and make them laugh.

However, here it’s about building trust – you can’t build trust by cracking jokes. If you’re serious about winning trust then you must learn to be serious.

Seriousness is required if you want to achieve big things in life.

Just tell me who would you like?

  1. A man who disrespects his women or a man who respects his woman.

Answer: A man who respects his women.

  1. A person who takes his life seriously or a person takes everything lightly.

Answer: A person who is serious about his life.

  1. A person who makes fun of other problems or a person who gives advice and shows sympathy

Answer: A person who shows sympathy and gives advice.

  1. Talkative or silent people

Answer: Silent people

Are your answers matching with mine? If yes, then go and work on yourself to become gentle and a little bit serious.

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Being gentle costs nothing and kindness is the act that everybody loves.

Why being gentle and serious is important?

  1. People feel safe with gentle people.
  2. They can share anything even their problems because they know that a gentle and serious person can help them.
  3. It helps to win people’s trust.
  4. No one can deny anything if you ever ask him or her.

Don’t act like gentle be gentle.

Final words on how to build trust

Now you have read the whole article on how to build trust. I think you’re now able to make people trust you.

Actually, trust has become more precious than ever before because every second person is suffering from a trust break.

I’m again appealing you not to break anyone’s trust because it hurts.

Just put yourself in the place of the person – suffering from trust break and imagine how you would feel if someone would break your trust.

Naturally, you’d feel very bad and tears will roll down your eyes.

It’s one of the painful things in the world. Thus, if someone trusts you a lot never ever break their trust.

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