2 Ways: How to become selfish like others?

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So, can I assume that someone has cheated you or you are completely exhausted from dealing with selfish people?

Now you want to do the same thing to others. Your mindset has changed now and you wanna be a selfish person like others.

Don’t worry, the same wrong things have happened to me as well. But, believe good people still exist.

We will talk later about how to become a selfish person like others.

For now, I would say that it’s your fault because you allow them (selfish people) to ditch you.

You shouldn’t trust everybody you met in life. Keep the difference between your close friends and strangers clear in your mind.

Selfish people behave as if they’re your well-wisher as if they’re your family member.

In short, they do everything to manipulate your emotions and of course, they win.

They gain your trust, they gradually interfere and try to take control over your life, and you happily allow them to do so because you think that they’re your well-wisher.

But once they’re done with their work such as looted your money, spoiled your relationships – they never turn back to see you ever in life.

They leave you alone and you kept asking yourself the question, “Why it happened to me?” but you got no answer.

I have deal with such people, they have not looted my money, but of course, they have spoiled my good relationship with others. Since then they have never turned back to see me.

That incident taught me a lesson, and I decided to become selfish like others, not to ditch other people but to protect myself.

Now, I’ve decided to share the tips on how to become selfish like others because I know you’re angry, you’re tired, and want your life back on track.

There are simply too powerful ways to do that:

So, let’s get started:

1.    Set your priorities  

Have you ever asked yourself these questions, “Why most people ditch you? Why they waste your precious time? Why they make you feel inferior. Why you’re always sad?”

The answer to these questions is “YOU.” You’re responsible for everything that happens to you. You allow people to ditch you; you allow them to steal your happiness.

But, why do you allow them to hurt your feelings, your emotions, and your self-esteem?

It’s because your priorities are not set in life. You’ve never thought about it. You don’t know the difference between good things and bad things.

You’re taking the life as it is coming to you, you’re not using your mind.

You don’t know how to manage your time. You’ve no idea who should get your precious time.

Don’t become aggressive, I’m not insulting you, I’m just sharing the mistakes I’ve committed in my life.

So, first thing is to set your priorities. Write down a list of things from 1 to 10 (or 20) that matters the most to you.

Your list might include the following things:

  1. Work
  2. Side hustle
  3. Family and friends
  4. Learning
  5. Mediation
  6. Cycling
  7. Writing a book
  8. Spending time alone
  9. Watching a movie
  10. Walking, dancing, singing, etc

Write down whatever things matter to you.

I’ve created a FREE priority list page that you can download and use right away.

2 Ways: How to become selfish like others? 1

The next thing is you have to create a schedule based on your priorities.

By the way, Do you know why I’ve asked to you write your priorities?

Well, it’s because this priority list will act as a barrier for those who shouldn’t enter your life.

The second thing is it will guide you step by step on where and with whom you should spend your precious time.

2.    Make a schedule based on your priorities

Now, you have to make a schedule for your everyday work.

Giving a fixed time to each activity will help you properly manage your time. Second thing is that it makes you punctual and disciplined.

Why there should be a fixed time for each activity?

The reasons are simple:

  1. You can better manage your time.
  2. No one can waste your time.
  3. You can complete more tasks.
  4.  You’ll feel more confident after completing your work.

A schedule is not enough. You have to be mentally prepared because working according to schedule is a little bit hard. It takes a lot of willpower and discipline.

Here I’ve attached a planner. Download & print it and use it.

how to become selfish

Final lesson

Self-love is not equal to selfishness. The motive of this article was to help you manage your time effectively and protect yourself from selfish people.

Your time is completely yours and, you have to decide where you should spend it.

I’ve tried my best to help you.

Always remember one thing that you should help needy people.

At the same time, you have to be careful of selfish people, because they can spoil your good relationships with others.

I hope you got the point. Have a nice day!


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