How to become popular among people

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“How to become popular among people?” is a question that arises in the mind of every second person in the world.  However, when they came to know the reality 90% of them give up their ideas.

Let me tell you one thing, the population of the world is increasing rapidly. This is leading to increasing in the competition as well. A large population is a resistance to your popularity.

However, if you still want to become popular you can because I’m going to share some basic but powerful tips to become popular. So let’s start.

Reality to know before following the steps to become popular

It is necessary to be aware of the reality before dealing out with the steps to become popular. If you really want to be popular, you have to go through the reality.

It took years to become popular

See the first reality is very disappointing. You should stick one thing to your mind that you can’t become popular overnight. It took many years for that one particular night that makes you successful.

Let’s take an example: when you sow a seed of mango tree in your garden it took many years to grow and bear fruits in particular season i.e. summer. If you think that you’ll get a tree with ripe mango overnight by just giving water and fertilizer whole night, then you’re completely wrong. If you didn’t believe me, you can try your own.

The Population is a major hurdle

I have already told on the intro of this post that population is a major hurdle in your popularity. The population is increasing rapidly and thus leading to an increase in competition in every field.

Every profession already have their master

This will break your heart into two pieces. It’s a harsh reality that every field already have their masters. In simple words, you’ll find that there’s already someone at the top of a particular field and you are at zero levels.

They are improving more and more and you’re still at level zero. I don’t think you’re going to read the steps. Most of you may have already left this post and even the site.

However, if you’re still with me. Then you’re really going to be successful and popular because giving up is not a solution.

Steps to become popular among people

If you have passed all the hurdles above, then you’re ready to become popular and successful. I know reading is a small thing. However, small steps achieve big dreams.

Your friends can help you to become popular for free

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Everyone has friends. If you can make friends online, it will boost your popularity. If you don’t know to make friends online you can read this post “How to make friends online?

Your friends can help you to become popular for free. Let’s understand it with a short story.

Short story:  One day Kristine baked a cake and she invited her friend Jennifer to taste it. When Jennifer tasted it she said, “Wow, it’s delicious. You’re great.” Jennifer was back way to her home.

She met James her friend and she said to him, “Do you know Kristine bakes delicious cakes?” James trusted her and he told this news to everyone in his family.

When Jennifer reached home, she did the same. In this way Kristine, become popular among his friends and this process continued. Soon thousands of people came to know about her.

When Kristine opened her cake shop, she earned a lot of profit from it.

I think you have now clearly understood this point.

You have to be unique to gain popularity

There’s no doubt, everyone in the world is unique. However, your ideas should be unique as well. Most people didn’t find the things they’re good at. They follow the predefined path by society.

Let me tell you one thing, you can’t be successful until you work on unique things. Most people complain that there’s nothing left to innovate and discover. However, I think there’s a lot of things that are waiting for you.

Solve common problems in your locality to become popular

There are many people facing problems. You might have seen such people in your locality. If you’ll help them in sorting out the problems you’ll become popular. Your glory will spread to more people. That means you’ll be popular.

You can also expand the help you provide and later form organizations and exchange money for the help.


It’s easy to become popular among people and not as well. It’s easy for those you stay focused and kept on trying to achieve it whereas, it is impossible for those who give up easily.

If you’re happy with your current condition, you’re blessed. However, if you’re not, then you need to change something. If this article helped you, then please share it.


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