How to be happy: 13 proven ways to follow

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How to be happy in the world full of tension, stress, jealousy and competition. Happiness is the key to success.

Indeed, a happy person is successful but the reverse is not true.

Many people we met in life give advice to be happy in life but none of them tell us how to be happy, what steps do we need to follow.

The fact is that they’re too struggling with problem of sadness.

The answer of how to be happy is given in this post.

So, let’s jump into the steps.

Steps on how to be happy in your life

The following 7 proven steps will help you achieve your goals of happiness in life.

1. Don’t run for people

how to be happy without following people

It’s a myth that you can’t be happy alone. In fact, many people will tell you to join some social groups that just don’t add any value to your life.

Seriously, you don’t need to depend on other people for your happiness. They’re not responsible for it.

Do you really need people to be happy in life?

I don’t think so.

When you purchase and eat your favorite fast food, do you feel the need to have people around you?

When you’re busy doing your favorite work, do you need people around you at time? In fact, people will distract you from your work.

Hence, it is recommended that you don’t run for people and don’t beg them to stay with you all the time.

The harsh truth is that nobody cares about your happiness. They’re busy in their own life – improving it.

2. Don’t force people to love you

How to be happy: 13 proven ways to follow 1

Nobody cares whether you’re happy or not.

Begging people to love you will take them away from you. It’s a fantastic feeling to be loved by someone.

If you like someone and expecting them to like you back is just a waste of time.

No two people have the same feeling. So, don’t force people to love you. Don’t cry for them.

It’s not the sign of an intelligent person. In fact, it has been seen that people who force others to love them are emotionally disturbed and they often ruin their career.

The best thing would be to focus on your career and be happy by doing your work.

In fact, the success received after success will give more happiness than any person can.

If you want to love someone – love your career and goals. When you nourish your goals with hard work and efforts, it also gives you success in return.

3. Donation and charity

In the previous point I’ve shared that you shouldn’t beg people to love you.

In fact, you don’t need to do that. Many helpless people and children are living a poor life in orphanage and old-age houses.

You can make donations and spend time with them.

Charity gives you the sense of satisfaction and happiness.

The happiness you receive by donation and charity is permanent and in return you get some loyal people which is far better than forcing selfish people to love you.

4. Spend money on your loved ones

spend money on your loved ones and how to be happy

We earn and invest for better future for our children and family.

Spending money on others gives you more happiness than anything else. In fact, this act can motivate you to earn more money and do everything possible for your loved ones.

It’s also a good way to stay happy in life.

Don’t you dream to live a life where you can fulfill the dreams of your children or parents?

Spending money on loved one is a source of motivation for me. I’m working hard and smart to earn more and more money so that I can give a better life to my family.

The lesson to learn here is that hoarding money and expecting to be happy for rest of the life is a dream that couldn’t become reality.

The true happiness comes in life when you use your money to make others happy especially the children.

5. Spend time with your family

This is one the best way to be happy that I personally use.

Just by spending a few hours with your family everyday enlightens your creative memory, boosts your confidence and increase your morale.

How to be happy with family? The answer is to spend time watching some comedy shows or cartoon with them so that all of you can laugh together.

The next thing is to eat your dinner together at the dinning table and not in your room.

Having dinner together increases love among the members of a family.

6. Meditation

How to be happy: 13 proven ways to follow 2

Meditation is a great activity that could improve your life and make you happy.

Mediation is the solution to all the mental problems.

How and when to meditate?

In the world of rush and chaos, it’s very difficult to spare time for introspection.

However, what I prefer is that I often meditate before going to bed everyday. It has helped me a lot in improving my focus.

It’s on you – choose the time which is most suitable for you. Mediation has no rules you can do it anytime, anywhere. It always works.

Other benefits of meditation:

  1. It breaks your overthinking habits
  2. It improves your focus and concentration
  3. It improves your sleep
  4. It also makes you happy

7. Protect yourself from the glamorous world

glamorous world and happiness

The big question aroused here is how to be happy in the glamorous world where products look very attractive?

The simple answer is to improve your knowledge and control over your mind.

Most people in this world the chasing money and others are chasing both money and glamorous products that they don’t even need.

Most people often purchase things just to show that they’re rich or because it’s new in the market or just because their favorite celebrity has advertised it on the T.V.

Chasing physical products makes you unhappy and increases your greed to purchase more product that you don’t even need.

The reason most people are sad because they’re chasing physical products instead of inner peace in life.

You don’t need to purchase every product available in the market. Physical products has nothing to do with your happiness.

How to be happy in glamorous world? Well, live a minimal life.

8. Ignore negative people to be happy

How to be happy: 13 proven ways to follow 3

How to be happy with negative people? The answer is that you can’t be happy with negative people.

They will always try to pull you down and will discourage you to start something new in life.

Human is a social being. We love to stay in company with others.

Most people out their are not so good because they just think about themselves. They’re selfish.

You can’t live happily with wrong people.

Thus, the best way is to avoid company of negative people and make your relationships with good and positive people.

You should ignore the words of people who are creating hurdles in your way to happiness.

However, the point to remember is that not every person will pull you down. Most people helping and positive people are out there to help you anytime.

You can feel good and happy in their company.

9. Be happy with what you already have. Don’t be greedy.

Don’t chase physical products in life. You have to learn to be happy with what products you already have.

The major rule is to achieve more in life and don’t satisfy once you reach your destination.

However, it’s not true for physical products. The minimal physical products you have in your surrounding the more happy you will be.

You have to learn to control your greed for physical products. Just because your neighbor has purchased something – doesn’t mean that you have to purchase the same thing.

10. How to be happy while helping others

This is the most common thing everyone can do to stay happy in their lives. Just help needy people and you’ll feel very happy.

We’re human and it’s our duty to help each other in harsh situations.

Helping others will give you the most amazing feeling in the world. If you can offer help – just do it don’t think for a moment because what you give it comes back.

11. Work for what you love 

I think more than half of the world’s population is engaged in the work they don’t love. It creates frustration and stress in them, which steal their happiness.

However, if you don’t want your happiness to disappear from your life. You’ll need to engage yourself in the work you love.

There are two ways to maintain your happiness level:

  1. Do what you love
  2. Love what you do

12. Don’t depend on others for happiness

Happiness is an eternal feeling which doesn’t have any relation with others.

True happiness can be attained by meditation that will help you arouse the eternal power that makes you happy in life.

Happiness lies within every person itself. Depending on others for happiness will give you sadness and nothing else.

Enjoy every moment of your life yourself. Try to enjoy yourself alone because there’ll be a moment you’ll find yourself alone.

Don’t expect people to stay with you forever. Expectation kills the eternal happiness because things never goes as we think.

13. Problems are building blocks of happiness

Problems develop your strength. Moreover, it’s the way to happiness also. Problems challenge you and if you’ll accept its challenge then you’ll definitely going to meet happiness in every step of your life.

If you’re already struggling with your current situation then don’t give because you’ll soon be going to succeed. The moment you succeed after a huge struggle gives the happiness you can’t even imagine.


Indeed, money can make you happy if you spend it for your loved ones. The conclusion here is that no matter what comes to your life just don’t drop the smile of your face.

Avoid things that you can’t control such people and their behavior. Don’t force people to love you and act in the manner that you like.

The major reason for sadness is that we try to manipulate the behavior of others so that they can behave in the manner that we like.

The last thing you must remember is that people will come and people will go but your work will go forever.

Simply put, you should find happiness in your work because your work isn’t going to leave you alone at any cost.


1. How to be happy in life?

Follow these ways to be happy in life:
1. Don’t run for people
2. Don’t force people to love you
3. Donation and charity
4. Spend some money on your loved ones
5. Spend time with your family
6. Meditation
7. Protect yourself from glamorous world

2. How to stay happy under stress?

Meditation is the best way to stay happy under stress. It’s necessary that you practice it everyday.

3. Is it possible to be alone and happy?

Yes, it is possible. When you’re deeply engage in your work, you feel happy and satisfied.

4. I’m feeling sad what should I do now?

If you’re feeling sad right now just talk to your close friend or eat your favorite fast food, it will definitely make you happy.

5. Can meditation make me happy?

Indeed, meditation can make you happy because it helps to silent your negative inner voice.


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