7 Great ways to avoid laziness upto 89.90%

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Great work starts, when laziness ends

A lazy person can’t achieve anything, and those who achieve something in life are not the lazy ones.

Laziness is a hurdle in your way to success. Lazy people won’t achieve anything in their life. In fact, it is your enemy.

If you’re facing a hard time and tired of being lazy, then you must read this article till the end.

Laziness is a disease that will destroy your life, no doubt.

There’s a saying, “Nothing is impossible” and trust me you can get yourself out of this badass problem.

Before we start, let me tell you that, change starts in your mind first. You should be proud of you, becasue you have already set your mind to change and that why you have end up here.

So, without any further delay let start:

Have a lot of work? Don’t think about it

effective way to complete your work

You have a lot of work to finish, right?

But your lazy mind says, “Oh! man, I’ll do it later”. Do you know? The priority of our mind is to protect us from danger.

And when you think of the huge work, your brain tries to avoid it as much as possible. Thus, it gives rise to laziness.

And at the end of the day, you got no work completed at all. Then regret, “O man why I have not done my work. I have wasted my precious time”

Now, you have nothing left at all. So, what is the best advice you’ll find nowhere?

Well, well, the answer lies in the next point.

Divide your work into smaller tasks

Yes, you heard it right.

You should divide your work into small tasks so that you can easily complete all them.

  1. Make the list of your whole work
  2. Then, arrange them in the ascending order. Confused?
  3. Ascending order in the sense means, you should put your smaller work above then put the complex tasks below.
  4. It’s important because completion of smaller tasks will give you confidence and satisfaction to complete the other tasks.

This is the best method that I personally use to get things done with ease and fast.

Bonus Tip: Make a checkbox against every work and mark it with green maker upon task completion.

Do you give yourself rewards?


You should give yourself rewards upon every task completion.

But why should do it?

Well, the reason is……it will make you feel satisfied and push you to work more. This is the effective method that will bind you to work because at the end you’ll receive your reward.

Even this method is used by giant companies, they pay extra bonuses, perks, and even cash awards to the employee who works more and produces better results.

So, what you as an individual can set rewards?

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You need a strong reason to avoid laziness

Most of the time it has been seen that people became lazy when they don’t have an important task to complete. They think that their task is of low priority and hence they procrastinate.

Thus, became lazy.

You need some strong reason to bind yourself with the work. How to get that strong reason that will keep you pushing?

Well, you can imagine the end results.


  1. How would you feel?
  2. Will people appreciate you?
  3. Will your follower appreciate you?
  4. Would you feel confidence?

And more like that.

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But, first find that strong reason and the best way is to ask yourself, “WHY?” yes, make your “why” clear.

Ask yourself, WHY SHOULD I DO THIS? and if you get a strong reason then go for it. But if you get no strong answer, then we’ll think about it later.

You need Strong will power to remove laziness forever

You need a strong will power for sure, and will power comes when you have strong reason to accomplish your goals.

Make plans and work on them. Maybe, your greed to achieve your goals can play an important role to remove laziness from your life.

However, the main power exists in your will power. Yes, in your will power. If you have a strong will power then only you can end laziness.

The other way to make you will power strong is to train your mind.

Refer this article to know more: How to increase will power and be mentally tough?

Let learn it further in the next point.

Train your mind to get rid of this problem

Your brain is the control center of your body. However, we often didn’t listen to its command, which creates problems in your life.

Your brain often tells you the right thing to do, if you listen to it carefully. However, most of the time you choose the comfort zone for you.

In fact nobody likes to work, nobody likes training (including me) but man if you want to achieve something big in life – you have to sacrifice for it.

The Comfort zone is not good for you and your dreams. You should listen to your brain to avoid laziness forever.

Your Brain is a good servant but a terrible master.

If you can control your brain, you can achieve anything in life

Listen to rock or energy giving music

Rock music and energy giving music is a great way to avoid laziness. It will make your brain more active which will ultimately help you to remove laziness forever.

However, listening to music can be dangerous if you do it for a long time. Anything can become an addiction if you use it repeatedly.

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What is the Conclusion?

Laziness is not good for your health and dreams. If you really want to achieve something in your life then you have to remove your laziness forever.

People who achieve great things in life are not lazy; people who are lazy won’t achieve anything in life.

You have only one life with limited time. Use your time wisely and you’ll be at the point where you ever wanted to be.

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