How long do you take? (poem)

How long do you take ?

To breathe in and out

To put the weight up and down.

To hunt like a snake

To fly like a bird.

Is this world real or fake?

How long do you take ?

To count from 1 to 100.

To choose between green and red.

To hop like a frog

To sound like a pop

Beautiful flowers

How long do you take ?

To take a shower

And water the flowers

To clean your room

And eat with the spoon.

How long do you take ?

To catch a rat .

To sit on a mat.

To read  a book

And cook the food.

How long will you wait ?

To take the first step

And leave everyone at the rest.

To work like a pro

And laugh like a bro.

sports car
Dream car

How long will you take ?

To buy your dream car

And drive so far.

To complete your tasks

And remove the fake masks.

Lyrics change

You are a tough guy.

Don’t feel shy

Break the bricks

And take the risk

Don’t be a box

Use your creative thoughts

Learn to hide

And take the success ride

Your soul needs rest

Serve him the best

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Live in silence

Don’t make violence

You are a hero.

Don’t be a zero.

How long do you take? (poem) 1
Beautiful tree

Be like a tree

And give for free

You are a fire

Born to burn the liars.

Books are your friends.

Don’t follow the trend.

You don’t need any ring.

You are born to be the king.

No one can beat you

No cheater can cheat you

You are not yet late

Hustle is what it takes.

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