7 ways to become the best version of yourself in 1 month?

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You can become the best version of yourself in 1 month. Actually, not in one month but you can start in a month and develop it as your habits. Once it becomes your habit, everything would be done automatically.

So, how can you become the best version of yourself in 1 month? You need dedication, determination, and consistency. Improvement is not a one-day task. It took many days to improve.

However, here in this post, I have discussed some points that could make you the best version of yourself in a month.

Your mindset is very important if you really wanted to change yourself. Today, almost all information is available over the internet; however, those tips and suggestions are useless until you not follow them yourself.

Change your mindset and, it will change your life. You have already taken the first step you’re to become the best version of yourself if you’re reading this article.

Stop procrastination

How can you become the best version of yourself

The first and foremost work is to stop procrastination. It is your biggest enemy that prevents you from finishing your important work.

What is procrastination?

When you have some important work to finish but your mind says, “I’ll do it in the next hour.” In addition, when the next hour happens to arrive, it again says, “AA… How 1 hour can pass frequently? Hmm, I’ll finish my work in the hour.”

This thing goes on and you never tend to finish your important work. This weird situation is called procrastination.

You have to make choices between the best version and procrastination. Procrastination is a temporary comfort zone, which makes you throw out your goals out of the window.

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Don’t ruin your future for this temporary zone. Everybody wants to become the best version of him or her but no one wants to work hard.

Then how could you be successful in life? Here, I have shared some tips on “How to stop procrastination?”

  1. Divide your work into smaller tasks.
  2. Watch the motivational videos to stay motivated.
  3. Workaround your loved ones because they’ll encourage you.
  4. Think of the results, you’ll get after you finish your work.
  5. Keep your next important step in your mind. It would keep you away from the distractions.

These points will absolutely work, but only if you’ll follow them with full potential.

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Avoid too much use of smartphone

7 ways to become the best version of yourself in 1 month? 1

Smartphones have made our work easy, however, it’s has become a time-eater. Most people waste their precious time using smartphones. I don’t what they do surf the internet.

The trend of social media is increasing rapidly. More and more people are becoming part of many online communities. However, you need to understand that posting photos and getting likes will give you nothing.

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However, if you’re using social media for online business, you’re using the internet to learn new things every day, then it will give future benefits.

I would highly recommend that you do not waste your precious time; the right time to become the best version of yourself is now. Get engaged in improving yourself.

It has been rightly said, “No one care for the free things.” so that’s the same with the TIME. It’s free and nobody cares about it. A very few people understood the importance of time in their life and they become successful and others follow them on social media and waste their time for them.

Recommended book: Organize Tomorrow Today: 8 Ways to Retrain Your Mind to Optimize Performance at Work and in Life

Follow your passion and become the best version of you

How can you become the best version of yourself

Passion is what makes you happy. It may be painting, drawing, singing, dancing, writing, etc. You should work in your passionate area. Your passion could make you the best version of yourself.

But, how? Passion is the work that makes you happy, and happiness is the key to success. Moreover, you should try to enjoy your loneliness. Why? It’s because skills are developed alone in a silent place.

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The biggest fear, “What people will say?” Oh! Come on; let them say whatever they want. It reflects their characteristics. You have no business with them.

They aren’t going to make you rich and powerful. In order to improve yourself, you should stay away from them. Moreover, you should never reveal your goals and passion for other people.

But how to follow your passion? The following book will help you.

Recommended book: Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power: Everything You Need to Know about the Law of Attraction

Eat healthy food, meditate and exercise daily

How can you become the best version of yourself

Eat healthy food

Healthy food means healthy for you. Thus, eat green vegetables, fruits, and nuts, etc. Food helps in the nourishment of the brain and body.

To stay in a healthy state you shouldn’t avoid eating them. Unhealthy foods are fun to eat however, it affects badly in the long run. Thus, you should avoid eating it.

Just avoid it for 1 month and it will become your habit. However, to achieve that level you need to take the first step first.

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Meditate everyday

Meditation for 15-minute every day will benefit a lot. It keeps you calm, your mind and body relax.

A peaceful mind can achieve anything in life. You need to wake up early in the morning because it is the right time for meditation, no noise, no phone calls, no children, and no honk honk.

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Exercise daily

It’s not necessary to work out daily, you can workout simultaneously. Push-ups and pull-ups are common work out you could do without putting much effort.

However, before doing any exercise you should consider warm-up exercise to make your body warm or you may get permanent pain in your body parts.

Recommended book: Practicing the Power of Now: Essential Teachings, Meditations, and Exercises From The Power of Now

Improve your weak area

The most important point that shouldn’t be ignored. Your weak areas make you weak. Consider improving it.

In order to become a completely different person, you shouldn’t fear your weak area. It’s easy to change.

Focus and imagine that you are already doing it. However, imagination is not enough you have to work for it. The more you’ll work the luckier you’ll become.

Stop wasting your precious time

I will not explain this point in detail. If you want to know where you waste your more, just sit down for half an hour and make a list of things where you spend your time the most.

In short, the following are the time waster that needs to be avoided:

  1. Useless internet surf
  2. Wasting time on social media
  3. Hanging out with friends.
  4. Procrastination.
  5. Watching TV
  6. Playing online games.

Unless you’ll quit these time wasters in your life it will not improve. Think about it.

Recommended book: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

Get rid of your bad habits

How can you become the best version of yourself

The things that distract you from the path are bad habits. Get rid of your bad habits as soon as possible or it will destroy your life.

I know getting rid of bad habits is not easy. However, you can do it with your will power. You have to train your brain harder than you’ll not adopt bad habits again.

The most powerful method you can apply is maintaining a journal and keeps writing “I will run off my bad habits very soon” It will instruct your mind to do the same.

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Results would be visible in a few days. In addition, you can keep yourself in a company of good people they maybe your family members, and for sure, they’ll not allow you to do anything bad.

Bad habits cause damage to you and you only. It destroys your image and people tend to hate you.

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You have only one life to live the way you want but it doesn’t mean that you spoil it in any way. You should consider using it in good work.

If things still won’t work just think of your parent’s faces. They have sacrificed everything for you, and you’re involved in bad habits. Just think how they would feel.

You should be dedicated to your parents and become the best version of yourself for them.

Recommended book: The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit


Being different from the person you were yesterday is very easy if you have the will power to do it.

No one and will help you, no self-help book and no motivational speaker can help you to become the best version of yourself except you.

Just follow your passion, get rid of a bad habit and you’re good to go. A new life is waiting for you. Today you have the opportunity to build your future.

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