Habits of successful people: 7 habits to copy

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It has been rightly said that your habits define your future, and I agree. There’s one more saying, “What you sow is what you reap”. Both the sayings are pointing on a particular thing and that particular thing is your habits.

To develop the habits of successful people one needs to go through hard training, read about the habits of successful people, and so on.

In this post, I’m going to share with you 7 secret habits of successful people that are nowhere mentioned all over the internet.

What are the secret habits of successful people?

This particular question hit my mind when I was wondering why only a few people are more successful in terms of both money and status. Hopefully, I got secrets while doing some research.

I found that it’s the effect of daily habits that make some people successful and others average, broke, and so on.

So, let explore the dark secrets habits of successful people one by one

1. Habits of successful people include the extra dare

never give up attitude

The extra dare is the dare to work extra hours with no excuse. Well, do you know what? It’s the energy that keeps them engaged in their work and the best part is, they barely feel tired.

What particular thing makes them do the extra work?

There are two things:

  1. Passion
  2. Self-discipline

You may have come across many posts that share the same knowledge like this one. Did you have applied it in your life?

Probably not.

The first thing you need to work on is your passion and the second thing is to develop self-discipline.

Forming new habits is not a cakewalk and this is probably the reason most people quit too early.

But the thing they don’t realize is to achieve great success in life a person needs to learn self-discipline or there’s no other way to go big.

How to develop self-discipline?

It’s a genuine question that came to almost everyone’s mind and hopefully I have the best solutions for it.

  1. Training: Yes, training is the best way to learn self-discipline. This training includes:
    1. Feeding your mind with genuine thoughts so that it can focus on what’s important. Avoid any garbage thoughts.
    1. Work in increasing order, I mean easy work first, then hard, then harder, and so on.
  2. Work: Yes, you have to actually do the work, to keep yourself engaged and leave no space for distraction.
  3. Be in the present moment: It’s the nature of our brain that it tries to build a series of memories of future, of those events that haven’t yet happened and it’s one of the biggest reasons for distractions. Thus, whenever your brain tries to build such future memories, command him to focus on what’s going on right now.
  4. It’s an effective way through which you can train your mind and take control over it.

2. They love to learn psychology

psychology learning habits of successful people

The rich and successful people learn a lot about psychology and they know how to influence others.

It’s among those habits of successful people that are never disclosed to the general public.

You may know that among the highly successful people almost everyone owns a business.

And to make that business successful they have done two things:

  1. Added value to people life (mentioned everywhere)
  2. They have used psychological tricks to influence their customers and make huge sales. (rarely mentioned)

The second part is kept hidden and I’m sure you’ll nowhere find this secret. There’s nothing evil in using psychology as long as the business is legal.

A famous Author ROBERT B. CIALDINI has written a famous book on psychology “Influence: The psychology of persuasion” in which he describes how some people manage to influence others while some do not.

The tricks included in this book are based on an experiment that Robert along with his assistance has done.

One such trick is “Reciprocity” which states that when a person at First favors the other person, he (the second person) binds into the rule of reciprocity and returns the favor even if he doesn’t want to.

This technique is so much powerful that had drastically increased the sales volume of many companies including door-to-door service providing companies.

(There are many more tricks with real example that have been mentioned and I recommend reading this book)

In general, salespersons and businesses use these tricks. However, you as an individual can use it to get your work done, you can also influence others especially your boss.

3. They sleep less and work more

sleep less and work more

What’s the average time a person should sleep?

The experiment says, “AN AVERAGE PERSON SHOULD SLEEP FOR 8-9 HOURS” but do you know, it’s not included in the list of habits of successful people.

A few days back, while scrolling through Quora I came across a post, which was written, by a gentleman including two links at the end.

I clicked at one of them and landed on a page where I came across the word “POLYPHASIC SLEEP” It’s a term used for a short nap.

Highly successful people including Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Sir Isaac Newton, Napoleon Bonaparte, Benjamin Franklin, etc, slept for only 2 – 3 hours a day while they work the remaining hours.

However, they ensure to take a short nap between their working hours, to keep their brain productive.

Check out the posts I have read:

  1. Great people sleep Less?
  2. Thomas Edison on sleep and success.

This real-life example states that successful people love their work more than their sleep because they had big goals.

In fact, Thomas Edison told his friend Milton Adams, “I HAVE GOT SO MUCH TO DO AND LIFE IS SO SHORT, I AM GOING TO HUSTLE” (Source: Brainpickings.org)

These people were obsessed with their work; they don’t need an alarm clock their goals were enough to wake them up.

Now, you can think about why successful people are successful. You are told different stories, “SLEEP FOR 8 HOURS TO KEEP YOUR BRAIN ACTIVE” but these people didn’t follow this rule.

They have always listened to their body, whenever they get tired they take a nap. This technique is so much power that you too can use it and get your things done efficiently. In fact, you can accomplish more things in your life.

These people have given the true meaning of how to utilize the time effectively and efficiently.

Lessons to learn:

  1. If you want to be successful in life you should be passionate about your work.
  2. Sleeping more than required will drain your health and your goals as well.
  3. It takes a lot of time and hard work to make achieve your goal.
  4. Create a discipline in yourself to work everyday on a given time.
  5. Finally, people don’t care about your struggle but result, so become successful

4. Observation is one of the habits of successful people

observation habits of successful people

Successful people are silent species; they speak less and observe more. Do you agree that everything requires energy?

Yes, right?

Well, that’s why successful people are often silent, they don’t want to waste their energy on Gossip and useless discussions.

Instead, they put their energy into the most important work. The second and dark secret is that they possess huge knowledge and whenever they open mouth; add values to people’s life.

They don’t want their knowledge to go waste and hence they share it with those who are worthy and really need it.

If you’ll simply ask them, “HOW TO GET RICH?”

They’ll for sure answer to your question later, first, they’ll ask a lot of questions from you to check whether you’re worthy or not.

Be prepared if you’re going to meet any of them. Ha ha!

Oh! We didn’t discussed about observation.

They may be silent species but they observe everything and try to learn from it. They never miss a single chance of learning.

The observation helps in the following ways:

  1. It helps to understand human behavior.
  2. It helps to learn from the mistakes of others.
  3. It makes it easy to replay the memory and extract useful information.
  4. It makes it easy to connect the dots.

It’s one of the best habits of successful people that everyone should develop because of its huge benefits. Also, it saves a lot of energy.

5. I have to do it, don’t disturb me

disturbing person

People who want to go big in life never allow others to waste their time. In the second point, we have seen how effectively successful people use their time.

You can say that they’re self disciplined.

Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Sir Isaac Newton, etc, have one thing common, and that is the passion to work upon their projects.

They often got so much involved in their work that they even forget to sleep, eat, and drink. At that time, they don’t allow anybody to disturb them not even for a second.

Thomas Edison, for instance, used to work 36 hours or more without sleeping just to solve one problem. He was dedicated to his work.

In fact, every successful person gives so much importance to their work, because they know that their work can get them what they want.

Moral of the story: Give priority to your work and don’t allow others to disturb you.

Lessons to learn:

  1. Give priority to your work
  2. Don’t compromise with your work for the sake of others
  3. People may come and people will go but your work will remain forever
  4. Spend your spare time with others
  5. You have to understand that everybody has different life and goals

6. Investment habit

investment habit

Investment is one of the important habits of successful people.

What makes a person successful? It’s probably their wealth that they have accumulated over a period of time.

Successful people knew that wealth is the main factor that would give them power and make them influential in socitey.

Thus, from the adulthood they have always focused on earning more money, saving it and investing.

The majority wealth of successful people is generated from investment that too from stock investment.

Although stock market is risky, however, these people have done a good research before investing.

However, the point to note here is that most of the wealth people run their own business and they hold the maximum percentage of share in their own company.

Lessons to learn:

  1. You should not just save your money, you should also invest for long term.
  2. You should start your own business so that you can become financially free at an early stage.
  3. Investment is not gambling, it’s a strategy and research which gives better returns in long term.
  4. Investment is very important as it grows your money and prevent it from losing it’s value.

7. Reading habit

reading habits

Hard work won’t make you successful but knowledge. Wealthy people invest in knowledge before investing anywhere else.

They spend 4 to 5 hours everyday reading about business, finances, self-improvement, public speaking, psychology etc.

This reading habit has changed people’s life because knowledge can grow your 1 dollar into million and lack of knowledge can turn your 1 million dollar into 1 dollar or 0 dollars.

Lessons to learn:

  1. Knowledge gives the best return over time
  2. It takes just a few bucks to invest in books
  3. No one can teach you more than a book can
  4. You get to learn from the mistakes of others (Here the author)

Final words

Developing habits of successful people is a matter of choice. If you want to accomplish great things in life, you should consider improving your habits.

In my opinion, these habits of successful people are worth developing and can prove to be the life-changing step for you.

What’s your opinion? Comment below and we’ll have a great discussion.


  1. What are the habits of successful people?

    Successful people have the following habits:
    1. Never give up attitude
    2. Investment habit
    3. Reading habits
    4. Working with passion
    5. Dare to go extra miles

  2. Who are successful people?

    People having wealth and influence on other are successful.

  3. Is reading a good habit to become successful?

    Yes, reading is a good habit that makes you successful. Because knowledge compounds just like compound interest.

  4. Can investment make me successful?

    Money doesn’t make you successful but the value you add to society. Money is the by product of it.

  5. I do not have a college degree can I become successful?

    Of course, you can become successful just by learning what is needed in the society. In fact, a lot of free resources are available to help you.


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